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Ordered a grill for a vw jetta. It was the cheapest piece of junk! The body shop refused to install it. There was no access for the hood release. Because of the time involved to get an appointment with the body shop, I was 2 days past the 30 return policy and carid refused to take the product back. I tried twice to deal with customer service and now i'm stuck with a pos. They told me to put it on ebay! Who would I want to stick with it? Stay away from this company.

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  • Ca
      Oct 28, 2011

    Dear Valued Customer,

    We greatly appreciate your business with us. I do apologize if you have inconveniences with this order. Please be assured that our first priority is providing you with the highest customer service and satisfaction possible. Usually we have no problems like this. I will do my best to resolve the issue with your item, but in order to do it I will need some more information from you. May I please ask you to send me your order confirmation number and last and first name to my direct e-mail address - henry.[protected] I will be able to find your order in our system and check all the notes and information.
    Thank you for your time and patience with us. Have a good day!
    Henry Kanunik
    Customer Service

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  • Sa
      Sep 11, 2012

    "To begin, i ordered a rear bumper for an acura rsx the z1000, the order was placed on 8/19/12 i received the item 8/31/12 which i thought was a very long time to wait when i finally received the order i was not home someone else signed for the package. ups did not instruct the person signing it that it should be opened ... checked or marked as damaged. when i got home i opened the package ... it had a total of 3 cracks and 11 scratches on it !
    so i called the company, after speaking to the first 3 people they advised to send in the pictures so i did... waited a week, i called for them to tell me because the order was not marked damaged they dont want the item back and they will only reimburst me 70 $ out of the total that i paid which was roughly 335$ . when taking it to a mechanic i got told the bumper does not even fit, after i explained that to a supervisor he said that is not their fault and tried to blame it on the shipping... take aside the fact that it has cracks and scratches by my understanding i should have held the ups guy at my house while i take my bumper off and put a new one on and inspect everything ... then they try to blame ups for the part not fitting ... i dont know what kind of acura rsx they modeled this bumper after however this is the ugliest bumper ever !!! the grill on the bottom is held by zipties ... and so far they are telling me that all they can do is give me 70 $ back instead of the full reimburstment ... this company does not deserve to be working, they are scamming people left and right and no one deserves to be ripped off... and now everytime i call they seem to make this such a headache to make it past 30 days to probably say oh sorry past 30 days cant return ... website states At we make returns as easy as possible. Our mission is to provide you with the best products and the best service in the automotive industry. We understand that sometimes, customers change their minds about products that they order or simply do not need them anymore. We also know that customers are cautious about Return Policies since they are often tricky and misleading. Our goal is to make the return or exchange process trustworthy and as simple as 1-2-3. ... i beg to differ ... you are not accepting my return because it is damaged and does not fit seriously THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE !!!... the case is yet to be resolved they are only willing to return 70 $ i told them that is not good enough ... we will see what happens ... i am currently going through all possible websites to make sure to leave my review so that people dont have to go through what i went through ... i am waiting to hear back on the final outcome of this ... if i am not fully refunded i will also be contacting BBB to make sure this never happens to anyone else !!

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  • Ku
      Oct 04, 2012

    Horrible service, and even after i was assured item would fit, didn't and will not honor on website details saying military discount or no shipping on returns when they mess up.

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