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United States

I ordered a Aries Bull Bar for my truck from them. I called because I wanted to make sure they had what I wanted. They told me YES... the bar I wanted was in stock... I asked him 2 times to make sure. He told me "I guarantee we have the part" his words!!! this was on Monday. Received a conformation email that my order was placed and that my CC had been charged for the amount. late Tuesday afternoon I get a email notifying me that the part is "out of stock"!!! Are you kidding me!!! So I called customer service(which is also BS) and told them the guaranteed we have it in stock story from their sales rep that I talked to when I placed the order, his response was "oh we are sorry about that, we have a different one in stock... "for $50 bucks more"!!! WOW!!! My response to that was... Well I don't have to say... You get it!!! NEVER will I do business with Carid...EVER.!!! Please do not buy anything at all from this place.

Dec 17, 2014

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