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Karachi, Pakistan

Dear sir well wish to all careem menagement. Sir my name is Muhammad Shafiq i am vendor & captain in careem pakistan karachi. Sir the issues we all captains are having here with the management of careem Pakistan is increasing day by day. First of all permit me to inform you about my issue. Sir as you know that careem give us targets and offer bonuses on completing targets. Last week the target in insentive box is 80 rides 6800 bonus & on 90 rides 7500 bonus. So by following insentive i did 83 rides. Then i waited for bonus. After 2 days past i didnt got my bonus. And when i checked it was totally changed. The insentive which is 80 rides 6800 bonus till saturday on tuesday it changed to 85 rides 7100 bonus? I got shoked then i contact the captain support center. They forwarded my complain through mail to authorize person then i had a call from center i told him that sir i have been cheated in bonus insentive changed imidetly plz look after my complain then that person on call saying me that do you have any proof that we said 80 rides 6800 bonus you got any proof snap shot? I said no sir i didnt know that i will going to be cheated as if i have any idea abt this i definatelly take a snap shot but i was not ready for this kind of issue. Then he said ok so we cant do any thing next time take a snap shot of insentive page...
So sir here management is cheating with captains like this i duscussed it with other captains they are also having these kind of problems facing diffrent issues from the management of careem pakistan.
Sir many of the vendors & captains have left careem because this kind of behaviors. I want to get this into your knowledge because this is a very nice company good services for the poor peoples of Pakistan. But menagement is not handeling it properly so vendors & captains are changing there registrations with uber & other companies...
Sir kindly get notice to these issues imidately coz it is disturbing the reputation of careem. People loosing there faith on careem i discussed with other captains all gave me same answer that they are trying to join uber or other companies. It will be downfall of the reputation of careem. It requires immediate action. As being a responsible and sincere captain of careem i think it was my duty to inform higher menagement abt these issues. Sir you can contact me on my id [protected] hope for the best results...
Your sincerely captain
Muhammad Shafiq

Oct 25, 2018

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