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Care Credit does not consider triple payments each month as pre-payment and will ding you if you miss a monthly payment... even though you may be paid up several months ahead. Example: your monthly payment may be $67.00 and you pay each month $201.00. By logical reasoning, you're three months ahead, right? Wrong! don't skip the next months payment! They're wonderful people to deal with... Credit Care is a company sponsored by GE Money. My name is Frank and it isn't raining today. Good, I'm near 100 words... ok, ok, ok. ok.

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  • Je
      Mar 16, 2007
    CareCredit - Rudeness and abuse!
    United States

    I tried to pay aggressively on my CareCredit last month, and their website deleted a "0" on my checking account. The company never telephoned or e-mailed me of the problem. They instead charged an additional $58.00. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I received without a doubt the rudest person I have encountered in customer service. "Dawn" would discuss nothing with me, and threatened to disconnect because I asked her name twice: "I already gave you my name at the beginning of the call" she tells me....."I am the highest person you can speak with on the phone."... I asked her for an address to complain and she again threatened to hang up on me..."I am going to disconnect."....Where is the phone courtesy of letting the customer hang up the phone first? Not to mention the outright customer abuse, financially and otherwise.

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  • Ba
      Feb 28, 2008

    Same problem..."Dawn" never sees the light!

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  •   Jun 26, 2008
    CareCredit - Horrible place
    United States

    Nasty call centre representatives. I wonder how they managed to hire such nasty ***. They kept billing me for late fees, despite my payments being larger than the min. requirement. The resps on the phone are both rude and arrogant. The worst customer service ever. I totally hated this darn company. I am going to complain them to BBB. I do not understand how they are allowed to deceive their customers so obliviously.

    This company should be out of business. I googled it and encountered gazillion complaints about it. Ahh, I am so pissed after having talked to 3 nasty *** and having gone nowhere w/ those racist Texans.

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  • Te
      Dec 13, 2008

    I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who has had this horrible experience. I never could get a person that could help me- phone or mail.

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  • Ar
      Sep 09, 2009

    i am too... i just talked to the rep and he said that the due date fluctuates so my automatic bill pay did not work!!! ###ing thieves!!!

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  • Jw
      Jan 27, 2011
    CareCredit - Harrassment and Lies regarding last payment
    GE Money Bank
    San Francisco
    United States

    Does anybody remember the line from "The Rainmaker"? Well, GE Money has got the insurance / customer services runaround scam down.
    I wired my final payment to them (over $9, 000) for my CareCredit account within the 4-day grace period to avoid exorbitant interest charges. They acknowledged receipt of that payment to my bank. They then proceeded to spend the next four months harassing me with phone calls, 4 - 5 times / day, and letters to my home a couple of times per week. They attempted to tack on late fees on top of the phantom interest charges. I am sure they were hoping that I would get tired of their harassment and just pay the money. No go Joe.
    I called customer service four times and even had them send a letter in early January to confirm that I owed them no money. They did not want to do this and even aid they could not. I insisted that they do so, asking for a handwritten letter signed by the representative if she could not generate one through the system. I stayed on the phone until I was 100% assured it was sent. I received that letter on 1/6 and have it in my hand. Funny, I received a letter that they claimed at first that they could not generate.
    The final straw occurred today when I received a call from a vulture-like collection group within GE Money (outsourced to India, BTW), where Is poke to an inept customer service representative and then her supervisor, named Calvin. He proceeded to call me a liar and, even though I read the letter to him, insisted that I send the letter to him via fax or mail even though it came from HIS company. I demanded an apology, which he did not give to me.
    So, back I went to customer service and then again to the same vulturous collections group and finally got a rather terse, but helpful U.S. representative who claims to have cleared out the account. We shall see.
    After more than 10 hours of work to get this cleared out, if it happens again or if there is a blemish on my credit score, they will be sued. Does anybody know if there is a class-action suit pending that I can join?
    I have let all my health care providers know about their scam and at least a couple have stopped offering the service to their customers. Be warned...DO NOT use this service unless you have lots of time to spend correcting their mistakes or good legal representation on retainer.

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  • St
      Mar 21, 2011
    CareCredit - Massive Late Fees and Scripted Customer Service
    United States

    I accidentally had my bill pay set on Pacific Standard Time and they are an Eastern Standard Time company. Therefore I was late paying my bill by a matter of 3 hrs. It was definitely my mistake but they were not at all understanding when I called, and were very robotic in their answers. They would not stray from their resolute answers, and even tried to upsell me on a protection package! I do not recommend dealing with his company, they do not treat you like a human being. Their lack of empathy and judgmental attitudes make me angry just thinking about it.

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