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care credit fraud

I opened a Care credit account last year 2005 to pay for dental work. The first 3 months I paid with no issues. Then the next statement I noticed a late fee. They had adjusted my due date. They did this 2 times. I called them the first time they stated they were going to take it off. NEVER DID> I called them again a few months later and they told me again I was late for the 2nd time. They are scamers and dont used Care credit. I closed my account and transfering the ballence to another card I can rely on. Wow and how do they stay in business. I wonder if the news should get a hold of this info.

  • Ma
    Marlinee Feb 16, 2010

    I have had this card for over 5 years, used it for my dog, lasic surgery and several times at the dentist...I made an appointment the other day for the dentist to have extreme work done and thinking I could use my care credit card for the balance; got home that evening opened the mail and they cancelled the darn card!!! I have never been late with this card and can't understand why they did this except that they pulled my credit and noticed that I have some higher balances on other credit cards but again paid on time and besides what does that have to do with them anyway??? I pay my bill and the interest they charge me without fail...this is complete BS and now I will have to wait another year to get this much needed work performed on my mouth. thanks GE Care Credit for absolutely NOTHING...

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  • Sm
    Smitlenne Apr 01, 2010

    I am really disappointed with their customer service department and the general unprofessional practices of the company as it relates to advertising, promotional offers, the fine print and actual implementation. I would highly recommend anyone planning to go with GE Money or care credit to stay away and if you can't please understand the terms and conditions as they are extremely vague. These guys are crooks!!

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  • Be
    Beijingge May 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used care credit two years ago for some much needed dental work that cost me 3000.00 but today, after paying 130$/month i still somehow owe 3100.00 i have been late a couple times so there were some late fees but seriously.. ive paid about 3100.00 INTO them. HOW, , , HOW do i still owe over three thousand????? it has doubled and who knows it will probably double again in the next 2 years. there is no way out unless you can pay them in full all at once. im very discouraged. if anybody can tell me how to get out of this, let me know. Also dont get their account security. i was stupid enough to fall for that at 40$/month and cancelled it before the 60day trial was over, but they continued to bill me for it for 8 months even though every month i would keep complaining.

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  • Sc
    Scardiner Jun 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One year ago, I needed my heater replaced immediately. The bill was over $4000. The heating company told me that if I made monthly payments of $350. for one year my account would be paid in full. Imagine my surprise and outrage when I opened my last bill and instead of a payoff amount of $350., I was billed for $1000. I called customer service and complained. I got nowhere with this and asked to speak to the manager. This manager, Judy, was extremely rude to me and told me that if I didn't pay the balance in full that I would be charged an additional $500. next month. Needless to say, I paid the amount. I am on a fixed budget and a senior citizen. I think that the company needs to be more polite to its customers, more though with its statements, and not be able to charge these outrageous amounts. I will NEVER do business with these people again. As far as I am concerned, this is a scam.

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no refund

I have been getting the run around from Care Credit since Sept 09 on a refund that was overpaid, at first the told me a couple of weeks now they are telling me there was a mix up . My Account was paid off in Nov 08 . All they really need to do is give me what is due to me . My dentist sent it to them when the refund should have gone directly to me since the card was closed . They should of given it to me a long time ago, I think they are the worst run company ever.

fraudulent practices to get high interest


I wrote to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Consumer Response Center, 2345 Grand Boulevard, Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64108
I also wrote to the Federal Trade Commission, Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve System.
it's insane! 100% interest on a balance of 1900? It's 1950 interest on a balance of 1900!!!


I filed with the Federal Trade Commission online but I am advised that this office has a better sense of public sensibility if I write in letter form. I would like this office to engage in an investigation of the practices of GE Money.

And to that effect, I attach “samplings” of the complaints filed by consumer that I obtained on-line. In addition, I attach a copy of my recent bill due November 27, 2009 and which I received on or around November 22, 2009. As you can see from the complaint filed with the FTC, it was filed 11/22/2009 the day I received my bill, and yet, GE MONEY’s computer generated letter was dated November 18. 2009. The date of this letter is important for two-fold reasons. GE Money had anticipated the interest to rise and they pre-emptively sent these computer letters selectively to those who they categorized as high risk. But that is not the issue. The issue is whether GE Money had acted within reasonable bounds of acceptable practices that are not predatory. By singling out some prior to the actual due date, they have “selectively” chosen the members of the debt class, and worse, they failed to provide adequate notice of change in terms.

In or about April 2008 I was considering a corrective eye surgery which would correct my terrible vision. In or about that time, I was advised by my Doctor. that there is financing available through a card called CareCredit. They contacted Carecredit and obtained a financing at ZERO APR, which I was advised would give me time to make payments over time. The payment obligations were made to GE MONEY. I have never been late and even had automatic repayment along with additional payments. I whittled my debt from about $5, 000 and only $1900 was remaining. But based on the assumption of my ZERO APR, I continued repayment without being late.

In or about November 22, 2009 of this year, I received a bill for payment. It stated that I owed $3, 570, of which the INTEREST EXCEED THE BALANACE OWED. The Interest was applied from inception of my card, NOT from when the expiry of my term. The expiry date of the term would have been November 2009 or so. The purpose of financing was to provide the consumer the opportunity to engage in a medically necessary or meeting ancillary concerns without being financially exhausted.

By adding INTEREST carried backwards, the offer of ZERO APR is a fraudulent and a misrepresentation of the terms and conditions.

Moreover, there was NO NOTICE that the terms have changed or that it will become changed. I had created automatic payment and in addition, another payment in order to protect my credit record. The implication of the interest added form the inception of the term is excessive! And if the financing facil8ity such as GE MONEY Bank which offers products like Carecredit and other types, a clear NOTICE and ADEQUATE NOTICE should have been provided prior to sudden rise in interest, in order to give the consumer the option to OPT OUT, or Repay down the debt before it becomes ripe. That inadequacy of notice is deliberate and the offer made through a third party service provider, such as a doctors; office is PREDATORY LENDING practices.

I was so disgusted that I researched on line the number of persons who have been scammed in similar manner. I am attaching a copy of those complaints. You will see that GE MONEY Bank and their products that they carry are generally and customarily done through a THIRD-PARTY service provider, such as a medical facility, veterinarian’s office, or some stores. They do so because this adds a layer of legitimate “buffer” between the consumer and the actual financing vehicle.

AS a member of FDIC, FTC and member of the Federal Reserve Banking, GE MONEY has an obligation to meet the standards of federal regulations, in which this office has jurisdiction and oversight over their practices.

I will pay down my balance ONLY but since GE Money is a scamming agency, I would like to obtain a guarantee and a stipulation that they will provide me with accurate accounting, and also guarantee that this will not alter my credit reporting.

Cc: GE Money Bank PO Box 981127
El Paso, TX [protected]

  • Ch
    Chuckhen Jan 22, 2010

    There tactics on the retail side really bad but their customer assistance is even worst. There server application took a payment double the amount owed and they flat out refused to give the extra money back. They would also not give me the credit for the extra payment, I owe another payment in 15 days. I've heard of kicked a person where they are down but wow.

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unethical business practice

Established an account thru Care Credit to pay for a hearing aid in Oct. 2008. Did not have hearing aid insurance coverage. We paid $300.00 down and made payments of $100.00 Oct., Nov. & Dec. in Jan Care credit supposedly updated their system and failed to credit the monies paid on the account prior to to the system change. Now they're wanting $367.00 for intrest due to their system/people error. The account was paid off in Oct. 2009.

promotional expiration

I have been paying on this account for 18 months. I called and spoke with a rep about an extra charge I received on 10/4. My "promotional expiration date" expired on 10/14. They didn't say a word. I owed 50.00 out of an original bill of $800. I received my next statement with an extra $172 in interest tacked on for being 2 weeks past my expiration. They refuse to credit this amount and say that I should have clicked on a separate tab to see when my promotional interest free period expired. They said the rep only had to tell me that it was about to expire if I specifically asked. They said that the main page of the website only includes "the most asked questions about the account" and it's not their fault that I didn't click further to find my promotional expiration. I talked to an "escalation specialist" who completely talked down to me and was borderline rude. He refused to transfer me to his supervisor.

  • Zu
    Zubydoo Jul 29, 2013

    I too was not TOLD ABOUT TIME AVAILABLE TO HAVE to pay back without interest. Every time you buy something, there is time ( how much ??) before you start getting interest charges. I did find the page, after getting the charge, that shows you how long you have to pay BEFORE interest is applied. Mine is an Animal Vet card. I had a cat cut from top of back to bellybutton !! Horrible. &1500.00 for bill.
    I HAD to do it. Vet bills are making us animal lovers DO WITH OUT !!

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online payment rip off

I've tried several times to pay on line and this is the only website that I have difficulty trying to...

undue interest rate increase

I have always made payments on time or as agreed, always being told that our credit with CareCredit was excellent. Just recently I received a letter stating our interest rate would hit over 22 % on the day following Nov 3, 09. Nothing had been said about "credit worthiness or Lateness. In fact all late fees erroneously placed on acct were refunded. Yet they are raising our rate stating we were late 3 times. One payment was made within two days and this was after omy husband, retired military, suffered a severe brain injury. Here is an address to complain to. Go to and file the complaint and make copies. The toll free number is in D.C. [protected]. Your state will have a number also. I called Washington and received a call the very next day. I have filled out the form and sending in today. Good Luck. Jody

  • Mo
    Mom in Colorado Nov 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Their website promises free, same-day post payments. I make my payments on the due date, they show me an online printable receipt with a posting date, and then went ahead and posted it the next day anyway. And charged me a late fee. Again. They also outsource their harassing phone calls, and if you do have the misfortune to be late (and, haven't we all? It's been a bad year.), they will call you 5 times a day! I will never do business with GE anything, ever again!

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  • Jp
    JP Nov 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Forget about the lateness -- you should hear what they did to me. I have a Paypal Buyer Credit supposedly run by GE Money. I have always paid on time and way over the limit. So much so that I had a credit on my account. Now you would think that they would want people like that -- but guess what!!! They lowered my credit limit by over half!!! I called and they said well you will get a letter explaining -- I'm like what the heck!!!

    I asked if I was late, he said no. I asked if I didn't pay the recommended amount, he said no. Then what's the reason. The only thing he could say was that a letter was coming to me explaining.

    I have cancelled my Ebay account and PayPal and told them both why I did that. Maybe if we all put pressure on these idiots -- they will get the message. WITHOUT US YOU DON'T EXIST!!!

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  • La
    Laurie Nov 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    File formal complaints with both the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision.

    GEMB will completely ignore you - they cannot ignore complaints from the Office of Thrift Supervision ASAP!

    The government is planning on giving credit card companies part of the 700 Billion dollar SUB-PRIME MORTGAGE BAILOUT MONEY.

    We cannot allow the government to give any money to GE MONEY! They make a fortune ripping off customers.

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  • M2
    m2o Aug 04, 2009

    For over the past 6 months, I had been paying $500 per month ($250 per paycheck). I had extra dental work performed. So, my minimum amount due increased to approximately $275. Then in July 2009, I was assessed a Late Fee. I called Customer Service. The first person was unable to understand that I had been paying well over the minimum amount due and did not deserve a Late Fee. I asked to speak with a manager. The manager was rude, condescending and very disrespectful. It's hard for me to understand that even though I had routinely been sending in well over the minimum amount due for a significant number of months (much longer than my new charges had been added) that they were correct in charging a late fee. I never raised my voice and tried to discuss logically with them that their system was flawed by not taking into account all of the monies that they had recieved during ANY cycle. WATCH OUT for EXTRA FEES! And, do not expect to be treated like a good, paying customer!

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  • De
    debthelp Oct 19, 2009

    I know of a company that can settle this debt down to about half of what you currently owe. Send me an email to [email protected]

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wrong name on account!

Dear: Care Credit, Please For The Last Time ! ! !... Com-on . I've Called, Talked To Yall On The Phone& net. Can't Count anymore! OK..! ! This is it ! ! ! ...The Name On This Account Is ...Hold on...Mr. Kelly J Potts... Not CALEP POTTS. ! ! ! ! !?... That's Right:...Mr: Kelly J Potts... Do Yall Get it Know... Now Please After So Many Attemp's...CHANGE IT...NO...REALY CHANGE IT <THIS TIME! ! ! ...Mr: Kelly J Potts... 2630 Russell Wy...Evrt.Wa, 98204..! ! ! ! ! !?...Any Other Questions On This Matter...Send Me A Letter... I Know ...It's Realy Hard For Ya Yankee's...But...Do It This Time...One More Time! ! !?...Change And Once N For All...Fix It This Time...PLEASE! ! ! !?...k.j.p

unfair extreme high interest rate

My GE Money "Care Credit" account has jumped to 23.990% (really 24%) interest for no reason whatsoever. They also said IF I miss a payment that the interest rate would be 29.99%.

I have missed no payments at all. I went ahead and paid off the balance and destroyed my credit card.

I will no longer do business of any kind with General Electric Company who owns GE Money who issues the Care Credit type credit card.

They are using very unfair, extremely high interest rates.

They certainly do not need my business.

late fee

with all these complains against CareCredit, i am wondering what legal actions can we do? their business practice is just unethical. late fees, fluctuating due dates, erroneous statements, etc.

  • Ph
    Phyllis Van Hove Mar 29, 2009

    I have been a CareCredit customer for several years. I have never been late with a payment. In fact, I have always paid more than the minimum amount due.

    I also have always paid my promotional amounts before the expieration date.

    My complaint is that I was given a late fee of $29 for a payment that was one day late. My payment was the balance on the account. Since I had paid off the balance on the statement, I do not feel that I should have been charged a late fee. I am seriously considering never using CareCredit again.

    Phyllis Van Hove

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  • Ar
    arata wata Sep 09, 2009

    i have setup my automatic payment in my bank of america online banking. but i was surprised that i have been charged 39.99 for several months because the DUE DATE FLUCTUATES!!! what the hell? that's ###ing stealing.

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  • Jl
    jlew May 04, 2011

    With all these complaints about CareCredit, I wonder why it is I haven't had a single problem with them yet.

    My rates do not fluctuate and I pay them on time, every time, at least five dollars over the minimum and not only is my balance going down, my interest rate is going down as well because the interest you owe is based on the amount you owe.

    I have also been given the credit limit raise I requested so that I could have the dental work I need to have done.

    I am thankful that CareCredit gave me a line of credit with them... without it, I would have had to pay out of pocket an amount I couldn't even begin to afford and with more work needing done, I am glad to have their help.

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  • St
    steingruebner, k Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have had an automatic payment for Care Credit from Citibank for many months. In July, I increased the amount by $15.00 monthly.In August, 2009, I was charged a late fee of $39.99 on August 18 even though the payment was recorded by you in August 18. In September the payment was recorded by you on 9/17 and a late fee of $39.99 was assessed on 9/18. Until July, the minimum due had been $82.00 monthly. Did that change and when? Now, we're told our APR will increase because of late payments which were actually on time! Please clarify and explain.

    Please respond to
    [email protected]

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  • So
    Sore Consumer Jun 03, 2016

    I also have suffered inflexible treatment from carecredit due to a supposedly error in logging on my bank account number for auto payment. No effort was made to appraise me of the situation until I found $80. worth of fees on my statement. This is blatant callousness, take advantage of your position type of attitude that you can expect from them. Customer service is in place as others have stated to just stonewall you and avoid being pinpointed in their practices and of real place of business. Talk about knowing you are going to make people mad and making sure they cannot get to you personally. I was actually told that it was my mistake therefore my problem! I think there should be a way to make companies that act like that responsible and have substantial punishment for it.

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  • Pi
    pinktrish Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree this company is very aggressive about getting all the extra money from you that they can. I've paid twice the amount of money I borrowed. Don't do business with them. Go to a regular bank or credit union. These people are a definite rip off!

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billing / payoff procedure

Warning to all.

I am in the process of paying off my Care Credit card. As anyone would do I called Care Credit to get a payoff Ballance. My intention is to pay off this card tonight however when I called they told me that even if I pay off my ballance tonight I will still be responsible for the interest that would have accrued over the next week. I dont know about any of you but I feel if I pay off a bill that should be the end of it. No further charges should be incured. In addition to this the several emplyee's at Care Credit I spoke with were quite rude and when I asked to talk with a supervisor I was told I was the one being rude and if I did not change my tone the call would be disconnected.

Do yourself a favor and do not open a care credit card. You will regret doint it as I do...

customer service

Here is some info that might be of help to everyone. Most contacts with this outfit are actually to Client Development Services, a call center in Henderson, Nevada. These people have crappy customer service and won't answer email or complaints. If you send them a complaint, they block your email address so you can't do any follow-up. Here are some email addresses that you can try but don't expect any responses. The first 3 are the owners of this company and the last one is just one of their flunkies. [protected], g[censored][protected], [protected], [protected]

  • Ma
    Magda Ramirez Aug 13, 2009

    this bank have call me telling me i old tham money for a cridit card which i never have. and i told tham i did old tham any thing they stop calling me thank god.

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  • Je
    jetretry02009 Sep 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    thats all incorrect information. not where any of the many call centers are located. not correct email addresses

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  • Je
    jetretry02009 Sep 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    oh and P.S. carecredit-GEMB is not at all any part of that unknown company he listed. GE is its own company.. ya know.. general electric.. we arent owned by anyone we are our own companythank you

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  • Ba
    Barry J Nov 24, 2010

    My agreement stated that I had until Dec. 9 2010 to pay off the balance. Well, I was down to $3280 on Nov.22 2010 and arranged to transfer the balance to Chase Bank but now before the transfer went through the balance has gone to $4237.93!! There is no explanation visible on the website for this $957 increase, but I assume that Chase notified them that the transfer was coming and they hit me with a ridiculous interest rate and fee before it was applied. Their actions are criminal in my opinion, and from what I have read here it is their common practice. So, beware do not finance anything through GE Money Bank. I never will again and intend to make complaints every way I can--attorney generals, BBB, finanace and trade commision--the works. I
    The "credit card" they issued is "Comfort Credit" and my advice is finance your furnace through your local bank--you will get a much better rate, and clear cut policy.

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Here is some information that might be of help to many. Although CareCredit is a GE Money Bank product, when you talk to someone concerning this, from start-up to now, you are NOT talking to anyone from GE. You are talking to a call center at Client Development Services in Henderson, Nevada. These people work for bonuses and will tell you almost anything to get your money. DO NOT TRUST THEM! If you check with your financial instutions, you can find many who will help your patients and it will cost you nothing. Plus you will be dealing direct and not with a person in an independent call center.

  • Ld
    L Dora Aug 11, 2009

    i was surprised to see this. our aesthetic practice (asps/board certified cosmetology) has been with carecredit for over three years now. i don't know about their bonuses but the people at client development services (i hadn't realized they were in nevada) have never asked anyone at our office for money. they have, however, helped train our staff and we have a person there who regularly calls us to keep our office up to date on program changes, new promotions, etc. they have always been very helpful (esp terri). what happened with them that you didn't like?

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  • Mo
    Molly Roth Aug 13, 2009

    What CDS is doing is training you to screw your patients. Look at all of the complaints, both here and on many other sites.

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deceptive and confrontational

In April I was told that Care Credit could be used for vet bills and chemotherapy, with 18 months deferred interest. I applied online, was accepted & started using the card for vet bills.
I paid more the minimum on time each month.
Today I opened the bill and there was a $19.81 charge at 22.98%!!
I called to complain and the rep was not sympathetic. She said I had a 3 month agreement not an 18 month agreement.
She said unless I could prove it in writing, tough luck.
I have my email receipt but it is not written on there. I called the vet and they said they will try to fix it, if they can.

  • Si
    sissy609 Aug 02, 2009

    oh care credit has been nothing but trouble since the day we got involved, but we have pets and we all know its always unexpected so I applied and things were good for awhile. always made payments on time . we take our dog to the vet and they said your card has nothing left on it and I checked it before we left and there was plenty to cover the vet bill so I come home and they were RUDE over the phone, and then we took the coverage for if you are ever Ill or lose your job what a joke my Husband had back surgery and was out of work so we call them and they told us that if he is off for longer than 3 months but in those three months we are to still make the payments that the entire bill would be paid HUH so I will not make another payment to them they flat out lied to us and then they cancelled our card imagine that

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  • Ge
    GE MoneyBankThe Worst Jan 25, 2011

    I was unable to get past a phone tree and talk to a person. The phone tree agreed to stop sub but would not refund whole $27 for sub to Digital Photography which was way more than it should cost at $27 for a year. This is shocking that this kind of FRAUD can happen in the USA. I didn't get any email or postal mail notification of this sub. I don't know how I got conned into this. They must know that it is a con because they never let you get past a phone tree. Someone strong needs to complain to Congress about this, and stop this abuse from scam magazine hawkers.

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  • Ge
    GE MoneyBankThe Worst Jan 25, 2011

    The above post was meant for a differnet forum, sorry.
    Sissy, You can now follow Care Credit on Facebook and write your experiences there. I learned that each month after making a payment I had to call a few days later after it posted and tell them to reallocate that payment to the balance that was expiring, sooner than the other balances. That was a big help, but they don't tell you that.

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unable to access on line payments at

Each month I have tried to use the on-line system to make my monthly payment and each month I cannot acce...

payment processing

Watch your back if you have GE Money Bank's CARE CREDIT card. They give you three months without interest and if you don't pay off the "promotional amount, " they will charge interest on each individual promotion, not the total amount due. Say you ran to the vet three times in two months and couldn't pay off any of the "promotional" amounts. As each promotion ended, you'd pay interest on it. So, instead of a 19% interest rate, you'd be paying 19% three times. Talk about crooked.

They also stiff you when you make an internet payment. My payment was due on the 28th, which was a Sunday. I made my payment on Saturday the 27th but it was not presented to my bank until the 30th! This is supposed to be an electronic debit, which means it's paid when submitted. GEMB wants to make you pay late fees, so they submit it four days after the payment has actually been made. You either get on the phone and hope you can hammer some sense into them, or pay a $39 late charge.

One last thing. If you use a credit consolidation service, GEMB will not change their due date for anyone, including the service.

  • Ai
    aibgirl2007 Jul 15, 2009

    One thing you should remember about electronic debit is that most businesses won't debit your account until the next business day. So if you pay on a Friday Saturday or sunday, they should at least credit your account on Monday for the payment.

    If you know your payment is due on a certain day, plan accordingly! If you try to make a payment the day before over the internet, then you can't complain when it doesn't post to the account the next day. If it going to take four days to post, pay it 4 days before or even 5 to be safe! That is how most online payments are.

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  • Bu
    Burr47 Aug 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When you make an online payment through the company website, the amount is automatically credited and an authorization code is provided. Last week I paid my friend's Care Credit bill on a Saturday (the payment was due Sunday). The transaction did not show on her bank statement until Tuesday, however, however, Care Credit showed the payment as on time and credited on the day the payment was made. Some of us play the money game very close to the line, which is why it's a lot easier to use a debit card rather than sending a check 7 days before the due date. I actually had one payment that I send 10 days early and was told that it was never received. It wasn't! I got a copy of my check from the postal service about two months later saying the envelope had been damaged in transit and they had destroyed the original check. I got the problem cleared up with the credit card company by sending them a copy of the check and the note from the postal service, however, I think that dealing with these guys over the internet is a lot faster.

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  • Ha
    HappyasHell Aug 24, 2009

    I just recieved my Care Credit card in the mail. However, before I decided to use the card I thought I would do research on the card. It appears that all providers have their own rule. I need dentistry work done and one oral surgeon told me that I could not use the dental card with my insurance card, another told me that the work to be done had to be over 500.00 to use the card. I was a little frustrated until I made one last call to another oral surgeon and the representative told me that depending on the plan you choose I would have to pay it off in full to not receive interest. if It is not paid after 3, 6, 12 or 18 months (depending on which I choose) after my that amount of time 18 months of interest will be added to my account all at once. (not by each month but all at once at the end of the trial period. I am truely glad that I can cut up my card and close out my account before its been used.

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  • Bu
    Burr47 Apr 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The latter statement is correct, and they'll charge you for *EACH* visit separately when it comes to the promotional period and interest. Be very, very careful with this card or it will put you in the poor house long before the dental bills do!

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hitting intrest charges

I been doing bussines with care credit little over 6years, i have broww 5, 000 which i was paying every...

late pay scam

I have 3 Care Credit accounts with them for over 3 years now. One in my name, one in my wifes, and a joint account in both of our names. All of them have been charged with so many overdraft charges in the last 3 years I still owe them nearly what I started at. Problem is I only had 1 late payment, not 20. They are scamming people. Their website doesn't post the payments in a timely manner. It can take days. They've also changed the due date on us several times. When you call about these so called late payments they act like they don't understand english. I just quit paying them. I'm hoping someone will do a class action lawsuit and put them out of business here shortly. Where's the government in these situations?! Government if you CARE these people are runing peoples CREDIT. Maybe that's why they are called CARE CREDIT> they don't care about your CREDIT!! BIG SCAM!!

  • Ky
    kyleg80 Apr 25, 2009

    it don't post until the check is cleared your bank. and they are owned by GE there not going out of business anytime soon

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charged for no services

I received an estimate for dental work ; I decided to use a different dentist, I had no work done but did...

fraudulent activity

I signed up for a no interest for 12 months and during these 12 months I was sending money orders to carecredit. There was a promotional balance and the date was 2-18-09 and due that I was trying to avoid finance charges, I paid in full the promotional balance and sent it in January and it was received January the 24, 2009. What happened next is the most ironic thing I have been a part of. I received 2 days ago an invoice for the Month of February, and Yesterday for the Month of March, that payment had to be received by March 14 and my balance was over $ 700 dollars which included all the finance charges. There was a hidden charge of about 100 dollars but they waited 2 months to send me the invoice so that I could not see that they were charging me extra and keep me from making a payment and allow them to charged me the finance charges.

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    montecarloss May 03, 2012

    from what i understand there are class action lawsuits forming. i havent had my promotion expire yet. but after hearing all the complaints against CARECREDIT, im very worried. This is terrible. there are many other complaints on "[redacted].com". Dont know why providers that offer carecredit dont stop offering this financing. this bank gave me a very high credit line!!! guess i know why now. everyone needs to join in on a class action suit against this bank and stop them soon.

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