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I wish for this to be sent to the complaints department.

I went to look for a new car. I got pressured into buying a car that was in your Rochdale centre, bearing in mind I was in liverpool. I told the girl I could lot afford anything more than £200 a month. She told me the car was £260 a month, I told her that was too much, she went over to her "manager" who didn't appear to be a very good manager as he never moved out of his seat and sat there eating or didn't bother coming to speak to me. Anyway the girl (think her name was nicky) came back to me and said if we give you it for £200 will you take it, so I said yes, she done the paperwork, sat down with me and told me the payment have gone up a bit £240!! I couldn't be bothered anymore as if been in the shop for about 3 hours already, the car arrived and I left the showroom at about 11pm!!! Bearing in mind I had my 2 year old little boy with me and had to get my dad to come and pick him up as it was getting late.

I hadn't seen the car and niky told me I could change it. So I text nicky the next day and told her I wasn't keen on the car and I would be in later on to change it, and I told her which car I wanted. She said that was fine so I went back about 4pm on 2nd April, then I noticed the price in the car window had changed! it was now £10.999, so I took a picture of this. So I now 2 pictures of the same car with 2 different prices! One showing £9.999 and one showing £10.999!!
Nicky knew I was coming for this particular car and had changed the price an extra £1000. I think this is absolutely disgusting! I can't believe a person who works for such a big company would do this!!!

Anyway after about 4 hours I ended up getting the car for £225 a month, noticing you have added an extra £63 on to the price!

Also when I took the car for a test drive the service light was on. Nicky told me this was fine and to book it in for a service. So I booked it in for today Monday the 28th, just 2 and a bit weeks after purchasing the car and I get told the brake pads are low and there is a hole in my tyre!! How can you sell a car with a service light on!! I was told a 120 check was done on the car but I know I was sold the car with the hole in the tyre and the low brake pads as I've hardly used the car.

How can you treat people like this??

I just want to say how unhappy I was with the service provided. I will be taking the price changing issue to trading standards as I have proof this was done. And will be speaking to my local mp. I will make sure I tell everyone I know about car craft and bad experience I had.

I will try my best now to get the car paid off before the 5 years and get rid of the car as I don't want anything to do with your company ever again.

I work for a firm of solicitors

Apr 28, 2014

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