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Carcraft / FRAUD!! Please read before buying from Carcraft!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Rochdale, England, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom Review updated:

This is very long but it's so important that anyone deciding to buy a car does not go to Carcraft!
I went to Rochdale site on the 9th April 2013 to buy my car. I spent around 6 hours there as they kept messing around printing the wrong documents, completing incorrect applications, so on the day the sales manager - Tony Doyle offered me the drive happy guarantee free for 3 years. This package is additional cover - services, MOTs, breakdown cover and parts cover. You get it free for a year as standard.
I phoned the complaints team to complain about the day and it was only when I was reading a complaints forum like this that I thought to check my finance breakdown. I phoned my finance company who advised me Tony Doyle had charged me 995.00 for the guarantee. I put this down to human error and advised the complaints team of this. They got this removed so the charge was taken off but said I couldn't have the cover which I was promised. I was then passed on to the site manager - Mobs. He continuously told me lies and passed my complaint off as not important. It was when Tony Doyle denied ever giving me this cover that I realised I had been scammed. My complaint was then passed on to Nicola Duckett who came across very helpful to begin with, but her attitude soon changed. She wrote me a letter to say they would give me part of the cover but not all of it as I had apparently signed documents and wrote an amount to say I would pay this for the guarantee. She sent me a copy of the documents. I straight away had concerns about the documents as it looked nothing like my writing. So I went to check my original documents that I had in my car from the 9th April. It then became clear that my documents had been tampered with by someone on the Rochdale site - most probably Tony Doyle. As I had never written an amount to say I'd pay for the guarantee because I agreed to it being free of charge. Identity theft, fraud!!! So I sent the below pictures to Nicola Duckett and although this was fraud it still wasn't seen as a big issue by Carcraft - so I imagine they are used to things like this happening. Nicola then offered me the full package for the 3 years, I was half happy with this but also believed I was entitled to compensation due to the distress and inconviencie caused. The complaint had also been going on for nearly 4 months. In the process I had been called a liar, embarrassed, I had to travel back to site to re sign paper work. The customer service team have been inconsistent and unprofessional more than once. It was then passed to Madeline Ansbro - head of legal services, to discuss compensation. Madeline came across as very hard faced and unwilling to help. She said she didn't feel I was a customer with a grievance and as soon as I mentioned taking Carcraft to court for compensation she withdrew the offer for the 3 year guarantee. May I also mention that Madeline who sits at executive level within Carcraft hung the phone up on for no valid reason. It has been a complete night mare from day one and I don't believe this is a one off. Please consider carefully before taking your business to Carcraft because I don't think you will be treated as valuable customer.
I've reported the above issues to trading standards and action fraud but I'm still left here with no cover and a car that I really don't want anymore, after all the problems I've had I'd rather give my money to someone else.
All the staff are unprofessional and don't show any customer focus what so ever! I also received a text message from one of the sales agents who took my number without consent and sent me an unprofessional text message. See below for a photo of that as well.
See pictures for frauded documents.


Aug 2, 2013
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  • Je
      29th of Sep, 2013
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    My 74 year old mother bought a Land Rover Freelander, on finance, for her grandson from Car Craft Liverpool in July 2010. Prior to the sales pitch myself, my mother and said grandson were very clear with the sales people that we did not want to buy ANY form of warranty with this vehicle. We had been warned by a family member, who was a former Car Craft employee, that any warranty purchased would be useless. The family member told us that the 'in joke' within the company was that the initials NAC (the name of Car Craft's most lucrative warranty) actually stood for Nothing Actually Covered. To cut a very long story short, the sales person told us that the best finance deal he could offer would be to split the finance between two lenders. My mother agreed and signed the two finance forms. On reviewing the finance agreements my mother elected to pay for this car with a bank loan, paying off the two loans arranged by Car Craft, as the bank interest rate was more favourable. It was at this point the problems began. Paying off the first loan was relatively unproblematic. The second 'loan' was another matter as it transpired that this loan was actually taken out to cover something we had been very clear we did not want. The NAC Warranty. After much wrangling, with a frankly appalling man at NAC (which is actually a parent company of Car Craft - they are based in the Car Craft showroom in Rochdale) my mother cancelled the monthly £45 direct debit. What followed was a series of letters and phone calls threatening legal action and terrifyingly for my mother; the threat that if she did not pay up her credit rating would suffer. My mother is of the generation who believes that not paying your 'debts' is akin to being placed in a debtors prison! The upshot was a monthly payment of £45 for five years. My mother is too frightened of the tactics used by Car Craft to stop paying, she has asked them to take her to court to allow for an independent review of how this 'debt' came about. This case is different in one major respect from the usual 'Con Craft' stories I have read on other forums ( Of course, the car she purchased was an overpriced crock, as are probably the majority of the cars this company sells. An eye watering amount of money has been spent on it in the last three years - non of the faults were covered by the warranty) in that a warranty was unknowingly purchased due to the lies told by the sales man. Please do not do business to this wholly unscrupulous company.

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