Capitec? Call Centre / cash withdrawal after debit card stopped

Johannesburg, South Africa

Today the 30-05-15, I called in to cancel/stop my card. Spoke to melisa in the call centre this was 07:09am, she confirmed that she has stopped my card, yet after an hour 30minuts I received two withdrawal notifications. How is that possible after confirming my card was stopped. I didn't punch in my pin or amounts. This is completely daylight robbery and a scam. Management, check your staff, are they being loyal and faithful to your brand and its clients? This is unacceptable. If this is not resolve or be reimbursed, I will make it a point to drag the brand name/ image into the mud. I will go to the media and whatever social platforms to alert all innocent client banking with capitec bank... Pr team i'm sure this is negative image of the brand, kindly resolve this for me! Highly disappointed client.

May 30, 2015

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