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Capital One / failure to close credit card account

1 P O Box 65007, Salt Lake City, UT, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (800) 903 3637

My account was paid off as requested by a Capital One supervisor who stated the pay off amount be more than due to cover any additional charges that might be presented over the 30 day account inactivity time required to close the account. The over pay ammount was to be refunded after the account was inactive for 30 days. After about fifty days I called Capital One to ask why the refund was not processed after the required 30 day account inactivity. They promply moved on sending the overage back to me and it was received within seven working days.
Guess what, the account remained open after I received the refund and a PC software bill that was not approved hit the account (around five days after receiving the refund). I was made aware of this when I recieved a billing statement from Capital One for the charges.
I called Capital One again and was routed to five different agents. The fourth agent advised me that
even after the refund the account had to be at a zero balance for another 30 days before it could be closed.
The fifth agent that I spoke with had to deal with transactions disputes against Capital One accounts. The agent stated that she had notice these transactions on other accounts and were being submitted by DRI PC Tool.Com [protected] MIN. This will take the dispute department 45 days to resolve.
Back at the ranch, Capital One failed to refund my over pay on the account after the inital 30 days the account was inactive, after the refund was shipped out the account was not closed and a transaction that was not approved was allowed to hit the account. This will require I start account close process all over again.
This company is evil and uses any excuse to keep the accounts open, potentially allowing unapproved transactions to hit accounts requested closed even when the consumer has gone above and beyond to pay account balances.
My credit card was cut up and discarded four months ago and the closing process started that long ago. I am not in the mood to continue to bang heads with this out of control financial institution of which the Federal Government has not gotten involved to audit. Where is the Attorney General of the United States that needs to weigh in on these lending institutios.
I bailed out of this card as their charges for services were to much and penalties came in from unknown areas including holding payement received until the following billing cycles in order to penalize the account holder. My interest rates increased without notification and when I closed the account an agent quickly asked if I would keep the account open she would authorize dropping account interest rate from 21.9% to 14.9%. I said no, I just want the account closed and asked if my account was good for them (regarding timely payments) why wasn't I automatically given the lower interest rate. This same agent was the one who worked with me on sending the overage on my last payment and never stated that the account had to be zero not over in order to close the account.
What a circus and at this point they can eat this account as I will not respond to any billing from them as I don't get paid to take time out of my day to be routed through the Capital One staff in order to be frustrated by their seemingly creative and negligent account management practices.

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  • Ja
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    capital one has done the same thing to us saying pay this amount and the account will be closed went throught our bank so that our bank would get the information direct the bank paid the settlement to capital one which then in return did not contact the bank to let them know that the settlement was not paid completely we were short apparently by 53 and some odd cents that was in july 07 now in july 08 we have been harrased by total ccredit recovery saying that they were going to take our home explained to kyle that this was paid he laughed to bad so sad and he is the manger and was ignorant to the bank also paid another settlement to capital one now account should be closed right NOT now we have been receiving harrasing calls from nco financial the principal here how many times can we allow the so called capitol one to say on the advertse in saying we are here for the customer i have been trying to get answers from the the account supervisory team at capitol one for answers to no avail this now has been going on since july 08 if anyone else in the world has been stung spit on and chomped down please do share we are greater in numbers the bull ### has to stop we are just the liitle guys here harrsement i do beleive is ellegal right please to forgive the spelling errors i am a little pissy right now looking forward in hearing from you

  • Ma
      19th of Nov, 2008
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  • Ma
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    Maria Lopez

  • Pa
      30th of Nov, 2008
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    Me and my wife kellNorman-MUlvey hold a VISA card.The card was taken from me My name is PAul, she continue to use it.I got my own through mastercard. What can I do?

  • Sa
      21st of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Contact Capital One throught 1 800 955 7070, you'll be transferred to India, as soon as they pick up a phone ask for a u.s representative or an account manager, and you'll be transferred to either an account manager in Richmond Virginia, New Brunswick Canada or Nova Scotia Canada. Half the people in customer relations in India don't even know what's going on half the time

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