Capital One Financiala customer service agent called ismael.

M Nov 14, 2017

My husband is a customer of Capital One investments. For over three weeks he was unable to access his account even though he called Capital One Customer Service each time. Today he asked for my help. When he tried to login he could not. We called the Customer Service support and Ismael answered our call. This agent refused to speak with me - and proceeded to "guide" my husband following the same steps we had stated had not worked for three weeks. When I advised him we'd complain about his unprofessional and ignorant behavior, he refused to provide a last name and also stated Capital One Customer Service agents do not have a code.
I told him that people like him are the reason Capital One has such a bad business reputation.
Please stay away from this company. I don't know where this Customer Service agents are located - perhaps India? And obviously they have no respect for customers, especially if we are women.

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