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They were stupid enough to give me a credit card right after i went through bancruptcy. I paid my bill over the minimum amount every month, and on time everytime.
I then lost my job, and contacted them and told them i wouldn't be able to pay my bill on time.
they charged me late fees, which put me over my limit, so I got charged over limit fees on top of the late fees.
My bill is over 4500.00 now, and almost all of that is the fees.
They took me to court, which I had to go to 4 times. In the end there was a judgement put against me. The whole time I am making payments to them through a credit councelling agency. But they want more than I can pay. I'm paying 80.00 a month, but they want 200.00 a month.
Now they have put a garnishment against my bank account. The problem is, I don't have a bank account. And I have never had an account at the bank they are garnishing.
I have called them at least 50 times through out this whole ordeal. i have spoken to the lawyer who represented them in court, but none of them will listen, and don't have a clue, of what's going on.
But I am the one getting screwed, with all the charges, that they put on my card, because they won't do a damn thing to help me out.

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  • Lo
      19th of Apr, 2008
    Capital One Credit Card Co. - Harrqassing Phone Calls
    Coldwell Banker
    United States

    For months I have been receiving harrassing phone calls from Capital One soliciting my business. I have made repeated attempts to get them to stop calling me somtimes more than 4 times a day. They just don't stop. I have never had a capital one card and never want a capital one card. The nerve of this company to invade my private time with their harrassing phone calls is beyond words. On one should do business with Capital One. They have no respect for people and their requests.

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  • Mo
      29th of Jan, 2009

    I agree I recently began receiving calls from a rep from Captial One offering me a $100 gift card for trying out some new services. My home phone and my cell phone are being called daily. I have said no to the caller who finally has managed to reach me twice and I have told them I am not interested, the first one hung up on me so I processed to hang up on the second one after I told him I had already said no to this offer. What in the world is wrong with idiots!

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  • Ca
      17th of Jun, 2010

    They are complete IDIOTS. They keep charging me all of these damn fees that they didnt tell me about. Privacy fees. 50.00 Late fee... fee...5.00 (what the [censor] are they protecting me from"????) and of course all there GOD DAMN [censor]ing reps CANT [censor]ing speak english hardly so i cant understand a god damn word they are saying.. ugh once i get it paid off... BYE BYE capitol one...

    No one should get a credit card by them.

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  • Ch
      19th of Feb, 2016

    CAPITAL ONE is the WORST group of shyster, money-lender, low lives in the USA, easily. Never do business with them! I can't say enough ill of the unethical, immoral, sleazy, oozing-with-creepiness way they conduct themselves. And by the way, our corrupt politicians (particularly in New York/New Jersey) are entirely in bed with these criminals. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS - far better to be a bit hungry than borrow ANYTHING from them.

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