Capital One Auto Finance / repo man discloses my finance information to third party

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Capital one without sending any notice of default sent a repo man to get my vehicle. On there second attempt to repo the vehicle, they banged on my front door at one in the morning and then they proceeded to disclose detailed information about my payment history and told them that i was a liar. And i don't think they had a right to disclose that type of information. If anyone knows what if any claims i may have against them. They have called claiming to be a real estate agent the next day i receive regular payment due notice with remittance stub, no mention of any default or requirement to cure a default.

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  • Ri
      Nov 02, 2009

    Capital One hired a CCI company who claims to be an investigation company to tap into my personal life. CCI is a repo company in AZ called The Camping Companies, Inc. They have no lawful authority to take your care unless there is a court order and they cannot trespass unto your property without your permission. They cannot lie about who they are. Contact your attorney general and write to them immediately.

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