Candy Crush Saga / not display game

Delhi, India Review updated:

I could not open Candy Crush Saga game on my laptop.
2-It shows massage as" An error occurred, please try to re-login to Facebook and try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience."
3-After re log-in it again shows same problem .

Please solve this issue as soon as possible.


Candy Crush Saga

Jan 12, 2015
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  • Ap
      3rd of Jul, 2013
    Candy Crush Saga - Losing lives
    Candy Crush Sage
    United States

    This stupid game takes my lives every time I sign in. I had over 100 and it took them all. This is a scam and I'm done with this game.

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  • Mm
      7th of Aug, 2013
    Candy Crush Saga - lost lives
    United States

    I was logged out of Facebook and when I logged back in my 240 lives were gone in candy crush saga. This has happened once before it is very frustrating. ... please give my lives back!!!

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  • Be
      1st of Jan, 2014
    Candy Crush Saga - Level not moving on
    Candy Crush Saga
    United Kingdom

    I have completed candy crush level 402 twice but it 's not moving onto the next level. I have tried all the normal things such as turning my laptop on and then off but it still hasn't moved on.
    Can someone please give me some advice?


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  • Ja
      14th of Apr, 2014
    Candy Crush Saga - Uacct card ending in7641ss enauthorized charges on busin
    J&E's mpw and detail shop
    101s. Sycamore
    United States
    Phone: 575-444-9560

    Ive been
    Refunded by i - tunes a total of 278. 00 for unauthorized charges on i - tunes and i have charges from g. Oogle candy crush from dec. , 2013 to march 2014i i hope to get the money plac ed back


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  • Kk
      16th of May, 2014
    Candy Crush Saga - Refund purchase
    Silver Spring
    United States

    There were unauthorized charges made to my a. T. T bill regarding candy crush saga i purchased one. 99 cent move my password was kept in the system and there were accidental purchases i would like i a refund for the wrongful purchases

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  • Cr
      31st of Aug, 2014
    Candy Crush Saga - Candy crush saga not launching

    Hi since i have selected the option to update. My candy crush saga is not launching.

    Also my level was 300 and after a technical problem the level went to one. If it is connected to Facebook then it should not go one.

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  • Na
      22nd of Dec, 2014
    Candy Crush Saga - Refund money candy crush

    I woud returen money from candy crush form 21. 12. 14
    And 22. 12. 14
    It was a by mistake google play and facebook
    My email:

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  • Ze
      23rd of Dec, 2014
    Candy Crush Saga - Level 775
    Deep River

    Please note that level 775 had a bug where it reflects 3 candy needed to reach the bottom instead of 4.please see attach pics to understand the issue.
    Zeeshan 416-786-1294

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  • Ro
      15th of Jan, 2015

    Can you please fix level 210 the candy mix does not do what it is suppose to do which make the level unbeatable. the mix of the two big candies used to kill everything. FIX IT

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  • St
      21st of May, 2015

    I'm upset, I did an update and they took 17 bars away after update. I want them back. Some of these I bought. This is not fair.

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