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Canadian Pharmacy / European Pharmacy / Are these people rip offs?

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I am sick & tired of different people emailing me & telling me about this fantastic Canadian pharmacy. At first I fell for it so I sent a few enquiry emails regarding medicines to this company & never got a reply. I've read some of the complaints about them & just want someone to confirm if they are a rip off or not. If they are a rip off then why are they still able to advertise there business & why have they not been done for fraud? All I done was ask there advice about certain medication, I'm just so glad I didn't send an order. As far as I am concerned if a company cannot be bothered to reply to an inquiry then they cannot possibly be legit. Nobody with any business sense would ignore prospective business. Can somebody please let me no if my suspicions are right? Also I want to know how they got my details in the first place as I have spam & security soft ware on my PC.

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  • Ri
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    I cannot comment about the ability to "send or not send" the medications you order. What I can tell you is that first of all there is a long wait to make sure the credit card transaction is not declined or rejected. Step two is a certain period of time that they wait to make sure you are not going to “cancel” or “recall” the transaction. I will talk more about this later. You then get an email that your order has been received and is being processed. This is about a one to two week process, so we are now three to four weeks from the original order submission.
    You then get an email that the order has been processed and is being shipped. Of course it must pass through US Customs and that could take from a couple of days to forever since the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) does not include pharmaceuticals. This is the reason they are shipped in “plain packages.” This is in order to disguise them from the US Customs Agents. However when you get them you wonder how could anyone not know what is in this package. The US Customs is seizing drugs along our borders that are hidden inside the blocks of engines and in the diapers of infants used as a smuggling method of deception. One has to wonder how did this 3X4 plain package wrap that obviously contains numerous pills, pass?
    Well let’s assume for arguments sake that they did pass, as mine allegedly did. You will receive blister packs that may or may not have the same lingo or “language” on the outside, however I have yet to receive any “medications” that actually look like anything you can get from Walgreens or Walmart. Of course they give the disclaimer that they are packaged for different countries and may or may not represent the products you receive from your local pharmacist, however you can rest assured that they are the same and meet the same standards. Question: Who exactly is monitoring these same standards?
    What I can tell you from experience that the 10 out of 10 prescriptions I have ordered anywhere from “Canadian” to “European” pharmacies have proven to be nothing more than a really bad placebo. When my insurance went up 150% on my cholesterol medicine, I ordered from a “Reputable Canadian Pharmacy”, three months later my LDL increased by 60 Points. My wife suffers from bi-polar disorder and at Wal-Mart her 30 day supply of Seroquel was almost $600.00. We have tried pharmacies from both Canada and Europe and all I can tell you is that I would now pay $1, 200.00 per month just to get her back to the real medication. Three months later we went back to Wal-Mart and after a couple of weeks we can now be seen in the same room again.
    Don’t take my word. I submitted samples to local chemist who performed a test using a gas chromatograph analysis on the “foreign” samples and because of pending court litigation I cannot reveal the true results of the tests. I can only say that from my experience “if it sounds to good to be true, than it most likely is.” Don’t get me wrong the pills we pay for here in the US are the same pills that pharmacies in the UK or Canada are dispensing for practically nothing. All I am saying is that if you live in the US and are trying to get that same deal than you should buy a ticket and get your passport. Because I almost got divorced from buying my wife’s anti-depressants and bi-polar medication from these people.
    If any of you know a reputable company please let me know. Also let me know who is referring this site because of all the spam and paid spammers need to know that if you do this again I CAN AND WILL HUNT YOU DOWN and unleash my un-medicated ### wife upon you. Trust me, you don’t want to go there…..

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