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This company refresh financial seems like a scam. Where do I start! First I was trying to apply for car dealerships and applying and put my information into a small ad I seen while looking at dealerships. They called me very frequently! I kept telling them to call me back because I already found a dealership and was in the process of getting approved, so I really didn't hear or take the time to listen to what exactly they did. After I was approved for the company I was already working with, they called me a couple more times and I took the time to listen to Marie on the phone. Mary was a little trickster. I know I applied for a car l o a n why is this now Refresh financial? A credit rebuilding company? My credit isn't that bad and I didn't send my information to a credit building company. Anyway at first what she was saying sounded okay. She said I would make a bi weekly payment of $46 and at the end of 3 years I would get back $1750. Basically, I am magically instantly approved for a $2300 l o a n ( I can't send the review without deleting that work funny huh) with them that stays in the bank and can't be touch one bit and I would make those payments and they would report perfect repayments and make my credit score go up 5-25 points a month. Okay...sounded great! But while about to fully sign up my phone died while talking to her and it was already late. The next day after some thinking the girl surprisingly called me back early in the morning to continue the call. Pretty persistent, she had a way of swaying me with her words and she was pretty good. She sent me a text message to log into my online banking so it would automatically tell her my last three digits in my account number. I thought that was not secure at all with my personal information so I told her I'd send the information of my account transit number and checking account number. She told me she doesn't want the numbers she needs actual proof of it, all the while wanting to stay on the phone while looking for all these things to give her. I found that pretty annoying. I wanted time to think since my impression of her sounded kind of caniving. She did not want to come off the phone with me. I hung up because I couldn't bother anymore with the foolishness and she called me back three times and I didn't answer. This is the text her rude ### sent to me...Hey My Name,
Not very sure as to why you wasted my damn time in putting together your application, if you did not want to rebuild your credit you could have just told me you are not interested. If you still want to proceed, we do require your banking we cannot just write down any transit number or account number, we need legitimate documents like a void check that has your name on it other wise we cannot verify that you (My name) have an account with CIBC for all we know we are taking these $46 bi-weekly payments from someone else's account, please respond to this message and let me know where we stand so that I know what to do with your application. Thanks.

Credit Specialist
EXT. 0112

Rude ### little b****! Are you working that hard for your commission?!?! I called to speak to her manager and up until now not one person has answered or called me back. They are a scam and you need to stay very far!!

Mar 04, 2016
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  • Dj
      Jun 15, 2016

    Scam-100% They call me 3 times a day with a preprogrammed message to call Sarah. I called once, informed them I was not interested in their service and thought that was it. Now three times a day for several months they call and leave the same message over and over.
    Since there are no consumer products to protect us from scammers except call blockers, though they still allow the scammers to leave a message, I wish there was some annoyed hackers that could spike companies like this when undue harrasment is present. For now I treat the constant messages like mosquitos. A nuicance and I pray they get their own B.S. one day to compound the grief they put on everyone else. Universal balance.

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