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Camping World / warranty work on my 1-month old forest river vibe 268rks

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We bought our camper on September 10. 2016 at Camping World of Asheville. On our first trip 1 month later, we found some issues- tongue jack light not working, hose for outside grill missing, stove top cover missing (found the info in the manual), Cable TV not working, harness bracket under slide broken, harness fell on wheel while driving and the wires where scrubbed through and showing the copper. Also the brakes are rubbing in stop and go. We tried to call CW and we was in 4 days over 20 times routed to the mail box. nobody ever called us back. I was mad, because I was over 25 years in customer service and never experienced such ignoring. On our way back, we passed CW of Asheville anyway, so we decided to stop and drop the unit off for repair. I was standing over 10 minutes in front of the service desk, waiting to be acknowledged by the 3 employees behind. they did not even looked up. After I asked the first employee, she said, she is not responsible for service. She told me the guy at the end, after I had to ask her. I went to the guy and first thing he said- not hello - no- you have an appointment? I was even more mad and said: if you would had picked up your phone, you would know, why I'm here. they did not like it. he let me explain and as I asked, if he don't want to write down anything, he said- I have a customer- just go and walk around, I'll find you. well- that was another button pushed- but I stayed somewhat calm. I didn't wanted to walk around, so I waited at the counter. after a few minutes he said- I told you, I have a customer- go and walk around, I'll find you! wow- yeah- my reaction was not off the book anymore. I asked other employees at the shop floor about the manager- Theresa, the manager came and finally she agreed, that someone should help me. Yes- she had to make a girl on the counter go out with me- it was a discussion in front of me as customer. never would I have allowed this behavior in front of customers- but ok- we showed the girl- I think Christy was her name- not sure- what was wrong and she wrote it down- she told us, we will get updates and Forest River is hard to deal with- they are 2 weeks behind. We said- we need the unit back on thanks giving because of a planned trip.
now short: we never received a call back, nobody answered our calls, nobody bothered about us, and when we finally got through to somebody, we've been told that they are not responsible. We was also in contact with Forest River customer service. at FR we've been assured, all parts are available and can be shipped out the next day, as soon as they have a work order from CW. for over 4 weeks FR had no work order! As we got somebody at CW they told us, warranty was declined and they have to fix it some how. FR tried to call CW, but never got a response. FR called us to tell CW to call them to get this issue solved. As we called CW, the response was: this is not how we work- don't tell us, how to do our job! we got confirmed from FR the work order came in on November 4th and the parts where shipped out on nov. 7th 2016! On nov. 12th I drove 70 miles to CW and my camper was cramped within feeled 20 other new looking campers untouched in the last corner of their lot. filthy, dirty and full with bird poop. we are talking about a brand new camper paid with my hard earned money! I was steaming and blew a gasket. I went to the office and there they refused to listen to me. this is when I got real loud- yeah- they did not like that either. the manager came and yeah- instead of asking him self- what did we do wrong that the customer goes off on us? no- he tried to lecture me like a principal how to communicate with them and how to behave in his store- didn't go too well with me. he also was lying and said, they did not received any parts from Forest River and he also said: this is what you get, when you complain and tell us, how to do our jobs. I just told him, that I pick my camper up. he literally kicked me out and told the driver to get my camper. I was waiting outside- the driver pulled my camper up and let it drop a foot down form the jack onto the tongue jack- as I said - hey- you can do that a little more carful too, he was just laughing and drove off.
I called Forest River and they helped me very good. they managed to get me to another dealer- not CW - to get my unit fixed.
I will not ever spend another dime at CW. I've been treated like crap, and I do not accept this.
I believe- camping world is a good concept. A good concept what gets ruined by ignorant and lying employees who don't care about how much value the property is to their customers. My advise- close down customer service department and just sell campers- saves thousands of customers disappointing experiences like I had and how I read in reviews- I'm not the only one. Or- HIRE PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS.

For me- I will avoid Camping world like the devil holy water in the future.
I needed a lot of other parts - like a cover for my camper- but well- I will now purchase my needs somewhere else.

Nov 15, 2016
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  • Ki
      22nd of May, 2017
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    I've been in camping world many times and heard rude customers like you, and I've worked for another camper sales dealership and heard it there too. I've worked many different customer service jobs and never in my life have I experienced as many rude, disrespectful people as I have since dealing with RV owners. All camping service departments are the same when it comes to warranty work. I've heard it many times-the manufacture (Keystone, Forest River, Winnebago, Jayco, Heartland) actually will lie to you about the service location not contacting them. They don't want to deal with the customer getting nasty with them, so they throw it back on the service department that is trying to fix all of the mistakes the manufactures make while building the camper. Then the people that are trying to help you, get yelled at the most. I'm really not sure why RV owners feel the right to speak to people they way they do.

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