Camping World St Augustine Fla / poor customer service

St Augustine Fla, United States

Had appointment on a Thursday to have roof of my RV inspected since two leaks were detected by me. Brought RV in the day before, service rep "Tom" wrote up work order, promised he would move RV into the secure area of the property. Never heard from them on Thursday, called at 4 p.m., service rep said they couldn't get to it until Friday. He didn't have courtesy to call and let us know status.
Called back Friday at 1 p.m.. Service rep said machine used to check for leaks was broke, but they fixed it, however, man who operates it had to leave because his sister was assaulted. Told "Tom" to cancel work order, I would come to p/u RV. I went in-person to talk to service dept manager. Noticed RV was still parked in unsecured area, never put where "Tom" said he would put it. He lied.
Spoke to "Paul" the service manager, who apologized for bad service and offered to do the roof inspection for free. He called back and said roof needed a $8, 500 re-roofing. Told him no way, but asked if his techs can seal areas that look suspicious. He agreed to call me when finished. Had to call back at 4:30 p.m. to find out status. "Paul" had gone home without calling us. Store was closing in 15 minutes and I was 35 miles away. I will NEVER purchase anything at Camping World again.

Mar 22, 2014

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