Camping Worldnot honoring warranty

K Sep 07, 2013

I would NEVER buy another RV from camping world..dropped 200K on our second RV on the 26th of August 2013...had in for for problems just two days later on our way from home to Missouri. We had only put 4 hours of drive time on the RV. (this included the 2 hours of drive time from the dealership to home on Monday)...they couldn't fix it in Knoxville and they identified an issue with the passenger side slide out. It was bent. Remember at this point we hadn't even had the slide outs out yet! So, went went on our trip listening tp the horrendous nosie the slide out made every mile. We returned it to the Asheville Camping world where we purchased it yesterday (as soon as we returned from our trip) for SIXTEEN items to be repaired and now got an email stating that the MAJOR problem...the bent slider...isn't a warranty issue. Stating we had to have caused it even though it was well documented by the Knoxville Camping world BEFORE we took it out on our trip. They claim we caught it on the passenger side chair which is what caused it to go out of alignment. Problem with that theory is that it wasn't caught on the passenger side chair until the last day of our trip and it was WELL documented by the Camping World in Knoxville their was an issue with the slider BEFORE our trip.

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