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Camping World / lack of service at woodstock ga store

1 Woodstock, GA, United States

Biggest Mistake of my Life
First let me paraphrase that I know this email will fall on deaf ears and end up in the trash, from the reviews I have read that is how you treat customers.
Working with the store in Woodstock GA. I went on line and found the camper I wanted but it was in Savannah GA, My wife and I went to Woodstock store and asked if they could get it, I was directed to Carl Story whom I was told was the "Sales Manager". We were ready to buy and had check book with us. We negotiated a price that included a washer/dryer and a pullrite superglide hitch, and gave a $3000 deposit. Carl ran my wife's credit and came back with a 780 score and said he could get us 180 mths no problem. He said they would send for the unit and keep me posted. This was 9/3/18. I had sent an email on Wednesday 9/5/18 no reply. I followed up again Friday9/7/18 and Carl said it came in late Thursday. We went on Sunday 9/9/18 to look it over and approve, which we did. At that time we decided to pick it up the following weekend so they would have time to organize financing and get the hitch in. On Tuesday 9/11/18 I again had to reach out to Carl and Austin regarding the financing. Carl sent back stating 8.4%, 144 mths and my wife credit score was 714. Needless to say we panicked thinking someone was stealing her identity. I requested the credit report from Carl, I never received it which we have a legal right to. I had no choice but to get my own financing which I did not want to do. I emailed Carl this and he lightly said he picked up the wrong credit report, that it was someone with a similar name. I got my own financing and emailed again to set up a day and time to pick up the unit. Sales rep Austin chimed in stating we could pick it up Saturday, he is new and did not really know what was going on. I replied to him that they needed to put in the hitch. Austin said they could do that while we were doing final paperwork. My wife and I were excited. We showed up 10:00 am Saturday 9/22/18 to go through orientation and have the hitch installed. While they were putting in the hitch we finished the paperwork and handed over a check for $40, 000. I went out to check on the hitch and was surprised to see the wrong one installed. I reported this to Carl and he went to check. He came back with the manager and apologized and blamed the parts department. My wife was getting very upset at this point so we left with the promise the new one would be here Tuesday or Wednesday. We agreed to come back Saturday 9/29/18 to have the correct one installed and pick up the unit. We showed up at 10:00 am Saturday 9/29/18. We walked to breakfast while they were to be installing the hitch and when we came back the truck was back in the parking lot. I looked in the back and "surprise" no hitch. Carl made eye contact with my wife and went running to the back to hide as my wife was watching him. He sent a 20 year old kid out to give us the bad news that they had ordered the wrong mounting rails. The young man said they found the correct mounting rails in Conyers GA and could have them for installation Sunday morning. I went home and after cooling down I emailed the real Sales manager Eric Jarvis as to what has happened so far and how dissatisfied and heart broken we are. I noted that this was unacceptable and demanded they make it right as we have now lost 2 weekends without the camper. I insisted on an extended warranty to be 5 years beyond the 2 year Jayco warranty. Eric apologized and said he would be there in the morning to meet with us. Sunday 9/30/18 11:00 was the appointment to have the correct hitch installed and finally pick up the unit and meet with Eric. Sunday 10:30 I emailed Eric to make sure the parts were there and correct that we did not want to waste another trip. He replied that the rails they went to pick up were not correct. We would not have found this out until we drove there. MY WIFE IS IN TEARS WANTING TO SCRAP OUR WHOLE ADVENTURE. Also, not once has anyone reached out to me ever! I have had to initiate all the communication.
1/11/19 Saga continues
10/6/18 I went in to pick up the camper and meet with Wes the GM. We had a productive discussion, he apologized and offered me a ladder and the 2 year warranty extension to take effect after the 2 year Jayco warranty expired. Of course Wes did not follow through and I still have not received this in writing. I have the offer recorded for anyone that cares. I picked up the camper and took it home. I took it to my work place parking lot to practice backing up when I was done my wife took a picture of truck and camper to post our excitement on social media. My brother in law whom has been pulling a fifth wheel for ten years replied that the trailer was riding 2 - 3" to high at the truck and would put extra strain on the rear axle of the trailer.
Back to Camping World. I will say that the head mechanic there was very helpful. He took the unit in and raised the pin box so the trailer would ride level. Only took 4 hours.
We took our first outing (shake down) and all went well. So, a few weeks later we took the Grand Kids out for a weekend.
We lost power to the refrigerator, tv and an outlet. As I was looking under the trailer where the wires come in for that side of the camper I noticed, a bracket not secured to the slide. Not a support bracket, I think it protects the wiring harness.
11/16/18 Back to Camping world, I old them of the electrical issue and the bracket, showed them a pic of the hanging bracket. Todd wrote up a ticket and said it would be 3 weeks. I had no plans so that was fine. About 3 weeks later he emailed I could come get the camper it was fixed. I replied did they fix the bracket, he said if they didn't it would be attached when I got there.
Of course, it was not attached. Todd sent out a tech who crawled under the camper came out and said he had to order one, the weld was broken, he also took pictures of where it damaged the skin from the inside. I am not even going to try and pursue that one. I left the camper. This was early November 2018. A couple weeks later Todd emailed they were waiting for approval from Jayco for the Warranty. 2 months old at this time. He then emailed stating the approval came through but they could not find the part on the website and had to send a picture to Jayco for the part. He also said they were closed for the Holidays.
Holidays have passed and I emailed Todd and Wes the GM that I wanted my trailer and I wanted it fixed. They have now had the camper longer than I have and I am making payments.
I suggested taking the part from another Jayco to put on mine and replace the borrowed one when it came in.
Todd replied he understood my frustration but did not have authority to do that, he would talk to Wes. I have heard nothing since.
Wes emailed me on 1/14/19 that they would find the part or take off another unit and have it done by weeks end 1/18/19.
Today 1/14/19 I was informed the parts would not be in until 2/11/19 due to a shortage. I believe I am just being lied to at this point.
If at all possible I would love to get my money back and be done with your company forever, however I know this cannot happen and that nobody really cares, I am only 1 customer amongst thousands. All I can do is send you this email and post negative comments on social media, file a BBB complaint and give low scores on surveys.
I work a manger job at The Home Depot and if one of my associates ever treated a customer this way it would be immediate termination.
Thank you for your time.

Jan 21, 2019

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