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Hi there,

I am complaining about the rules on extending the house, putting up a fence, paving the outside floor and installing a garage roof.

They told us about some rules to be followed that I don't see being followed by my neighbors e.g space between walls, paved front yard, contruction bond for garage roof.

It is not in our contract that there should be a 2 meter space in our front and backyard that should not be paved.

We were advised of this rule and included it in our contruction plan just so it will be approved.

Space between the fence and the side wall of the house beside our house.

We were told that there should be a space between the wall of the neighbor's house and the fence we are building.

We checked the other houses here and we dont see them following this rule.

We followed this rule so our plan gets approved.

When we bought our house, it was not mentioned that there will be 5k construction bond for installing a garage roof.

One of our friends who has submitted a plan for the same instruction was not advised of this rule and camella did not collect 5k from her.

Looking forward to hear from you

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Sep 21, 2018
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      Oct 08, 2018

    I am a homeowner of Camella Homes, Dumaguete City - B4L11 - I felt your frustrations, Sir because we are also obliged to put up a bond from somewhere between Php5, 000 to Php100, 000 depending on the scope of your project, and out of which a Php500.00 will be held by the Developer to be applied towards administrative fee, inspection fee, etc...Moreover, our Board of Directors, majority of which, are engaged in the Sales and Renovations of the Community. Their vested interests hinders the Board from doing their duties and responsibilities, in short, they are under the control of the Developer.

    It's also true that the Rules and Regulations on Construction or Renovations of the homeowners' properties are not uniformly implemented. Accordingly, it should follow a set of construction design to establish a harmonious sight of the Community.

    I am not sure whether the homeowners have the power to get rid of this provision stipulated in our "DEED OF RESTRICTIONS" we signed during the sell's process. And I don't know if the HLURB will attend to this kind of complaint.

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