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The new cigs do not taste right and I can not fined the old ones no where it leaves me no choice but to fine a new cig and I been with Camel's over 15 years not happy at all.😭😢what can we as the people do to make the old ones come back to the stores you are going to lose a lot of customers with the new cigs why change up you was doing so good pls bring back the old one's

Mar 09, 2018
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  • Ca
      Apr 11, 2018

    I also have to agree with everyone else about the disappointment I have for the new camel 99s. Basically... They suck. Been with camel for years, but no longer. Dissatisfied customer number 99.

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  • Km
      May 03, 2018

    I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I've smoked Camel 99s for years, and I must say the new ones absolutely suck. They don't taste the same at all. I've also had trouble packing them. I could pack the old ones, open them and their just fine, but when I pack the ones ones, some are packed, some aren't, and some have gaps in they're bendable in spots. I'm going to call the company and tell them how unsatisfied I am. So dissatisfied that I have to switch brands. Maybe if enough people complain they might switch back.

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  • J9
      May 14, 2018

    The new camels suck tremendously, I drove town to town, liquor store to liquor to find the old ones.
    Finally I found one 4hours away that still sold the old ones and I ended up buying two cartons... after these... I’m either quitting or going to another brand..
    definitely not a happy camper anymore

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  • Ke
      May 20, 2018

    Sad day for camel. Why the hell do you change a good thing. Your new camel 99 lights suck. Not even close to being right.

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