Cambridge Dental Associates / Dangerous place

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My both visits to this place made me feel filthy were the procedures were composite fillings. On my first visit I noticed that the counters were dirty and it was from the previous patient. The gloves were lying on the counter which was used for the previous patient and instruments. She went to in and got all the instruments and put on the gloves. I requested her to use other instruments for me, she agreed only after arguing for sometime. I knew the condition of this Dental care but again next time I went there, I don't know why.! This time it was even yuckier, believe me and you will experience the same thing. This time dentist touch the pen, chart, mask and never bother to wash hand before putting it to my mouth. After the procedure was over dentist removed his gloves off and touched my mouth to check his handiwork and this was big NO NO. This place is dangerous.

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