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I am so sick and tired of getting bad service at Caltex Birchleigh. I spend almost R5000 a month on petrol and everyone that knows me knows that I only put caltex petrol in my car. But I am sorry to say that the petrol in my car was the last caltex that I will ever use again. Every time I visit Birchleigh Branch I get Bad service I never received good service at the Birchleigh Branch ever...

Today was just the final act on Caltex side. Last time I visited Birchleigh they had no fuel. Today I went to fill up, the guy was to pathetic to walk to me so I drove my car to him. There was also 5 guys standing around doing absolutely nothing only watching me washing my own windows. I then asked to see the manager and you guest it the manager could not come to me, I had to walk through spares and tires to him and to get no apology.

Caltex don't even bother to phone me as nothing you can do or say will change my mind.

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      8th of Jun, 2017

    I went to pour petrol at the Caltex in Kibler park on the 08-06-2017 at 18:20pm and i paid with my card the first time it declined with Response code:08 and the guy that was assisting me told me that it delined with 05 and i dont have money. I responded and said excuse me do you think i will come and put petrol in my car if i dont have mioney and his reply was "they all say so. I actually him a sms of moeny that was deposited into my account because the way he went on. And the second time it went through. The reason for my complaint is the way he treated me and said i dont have money in my account. I need an appology from him otherwise i will not use Caltex anymore.

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