Caltex / card machine never working

On Tuesday afternoon I went to fill my car's tank at the Caltex garage. After being requested to move to another pump because the one I stopped at was out of fuel the attendant (which turned out to be the manager) filled my car's tank as I requested. I handed my garage card to the attendant and she left to process the payment. After waiting for quite some time she returned claiming that there are no funds in my card. This is utter rubbish as there was money in my card!!! I told her that there was an error on the machine and that she should try again as I know that there is money in the card. With a terrible attitude she slowly walked back to try again. When I approached her again she insisted that I provide another means of payment as my card is being rejected. This is not the first time that I had to pay for my petrol in another way at this petrol station due to their useless card machine. Why have this facility if it is never in proper working order?!? Also, this woman that assisted me (Jackie was the name on her tag) was rude and not at all helpfull. I will never return to this station again and I will ensure that no-one I know ever goes there again!


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