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Cal Spas / Rotten service!

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Cal Spas does not honor their Lifetime Warranty. I purchased my CalSpa 6 years ago at the Orange County Fair. The first few years there were no problems but in the last 12 months I have had to spend over $1, 000 on service. The most recent bill for $500 included over $300 to replace a pump that had LIfetime Warranty printed right on it. They replaced it with another that also said Lifetime Warranty. When I complained to the repairman, who was recommended to me from the Cal Spa store in Ahaheim, I was told they represented CalSpa and I should file a complaint with the company. I wrote a letter to Casey Loyd, President of CalSpa in Pomona describing my dissatisfaction. He replied in writing a month later, stating the cost for the service call should not be covered, only the part. I wrote back again, and attached a copy of the receipt, asking for a refund on the cost of the part. One month later again, I got another letter stating my request was denied because I had purchased the spa from a fair - at a Cal Spa booth! Now it is again, on the fritz and will need additional service. I will never purchase a Cal Spa product again and would not recommend Cal Spa to anyone. Their service - or lack thereof - STINKS! While you may not have any problems initially, when you do you'll be left on your own. Rotten service!

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  • To
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    If you are still having trouble with you Cal Spa product I may be able to help.

    I am an independent Cal Spa Service Agent. You can reach me at

    I would need the serial number from your hot tub before I can tell you much about it.

    The Cal Spa "Lifetime Warranty" only applies to the XL Heat Exchanger and the CalZone Quest 2000 Ozone Power Supply.

    Pumps have never carried more than a 5-year warrranty to my knowledge. I've been in the business since 1990 and have never seen a lifetime warranty on a pump. I have never seen any pump by any manufacturer with "Lifetime Warranty" on the motor.

    Please, see the warranty section of your Owner's Manual for clarification. If you don't have your Owner's Manual handy you can download a copy here:

    The details of warranty coverage, limitations and performance are usually found in the appendix on the last few pages.

    The warranty on equipment such as pumps, control boxes, plumbing, etc. is typically five years.

    I am willing to be wrong on this point if you can prove otherwise. A photo of the "Lifetime Warranty" on you pump would be sufficient.

    It sounds like your hot tub gave you at least five years of reliable, dependable service. If the problems you report above happened in the last 12 months and you've had the tub six years it seems reasonable to assume the repairs are non-warranty.

    If there are circumstances that would warrant coverage after the normal expiration of your warranty please elaborate.

    Replacing a single pump after six years of operation suggests you take pretty good care of the tub and know how to maintain your water chemistry.

    Unfortunately, it appears your warranty expired prior to the current problem. Had your tub malfunctioned during the 5-year warranty period Cal Spas would have paid the cost of parts and labor.

    The cost of non-warranty hot tub repairs can be a little shocking the first timeyou have to pay for it yourself. Please, keep in mind the Cal Spas warranty covers all such expenses during the first 5-years.

    Again, please contact me if you need further assistance.

    Tom Davis
    County Pool & Spa LLC
    PO Box 505
    Marysville, WA 98270

  • Co
      4th of Oct, 2010
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    I had the very same issue but with the heater. It is clearly labeled as a 'Lifetime Warranty' but I had to pay $265.00 for a replacement heater and $145 for the service call. My tub is six years olds as well and Cal-Spa told me the heater is only warranted for five years.

    Seems like Cal-Spa could do themselves a favor, avoid complaints and unsatisfied customers by simply putting no label or 'Five Year Warranty' on the parts.

    I too would never purchase another product from a company that intentionally deceives its customers.

  • Ca
      20th of Jul, 2011
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    Hi there,
    If you have an XL-HEAT EXCHANGER then your heater DOES have a life-time warranty.
    Other heaters do not have a lief time warranty. You need to go through a dealer. You will have way better luck doing it that way.
    We are able to warranty XL heaters after many years use. But they can fight you- so you need a reputable dealer in your corner.


  • Sp
      10th of Sep, 2014
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    Cal Spas Does Not Stock Parts! -Why you ask? Because they are broke! Their cash flow is so terrible that they order only the parts they need to build spas.
    They do not pay warranty claims unless you fight them. They do not support their dealers, which is the reason why so many of their dealers dropped them. Their spas are constructed very poorly. Never seen a square cabinet panel on their tubs yet.

    BTW: Coleman Spas are made on the same assembly line as Cal Spas. Equally awful!!

    Shopping for a new hot tub? Do yourself a favor... buy a different brand, any brand other than Cal Spas.

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