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E Nov 26, 2017

On November 26, 2017 my husband went to pick up our layaway items while I was at home taking care of the kids. When he received our layaway items, it was missing my son's suit. I was patient and I figured maybe someone will help my husband find it. It took me to go to the store to get help. Mind you I had to get a baby sitter last minute and go out of my way to figure out what had happened to my son's suit which by the way he needs for a graduation the very next day. I would have been okay if someone had at least tried to admit that it was their mistake. I had been charged for 34 items and only 33 items were in the box. Either someone opened the box or someone messed up and didn't put the item in. No one seemed to care. Where is the so called great customer service. Where is the compassion? I put these things on layaway because I trusted the store. I couldn't afford my kids' clothes at the moment so I had no choice but to trust that all my items will be kept safe and pay my deposit. This negligence could have been avoided if employees took pride in their job and cared to carefully pack things away and clean up the store so it isn't such a mess. It is a shame that now my poor son has no suit to wear for the graduation. I can't even try to find him a new one because the store is such a mess that the suits are missing pants or they don't even have his size anymore. So even if I wanted to get him a new outfit, I can't. Finally at the end there was another kind employee named Chester that overheard my concerns and stepped in to try to help us but by this point I couldn't even control my tears. I had to leave the store. I am disappointed and will never put my trust in Burlington.

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