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Yakima, WA, United States
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I purchased a car seat on 1/09/2017. I ended up not liking the car seat because it took up too much room for my other kids to sit comfortably. I tried looking for the receipt but I couldn't find it. I know you guys can find a receipt with my phone number so I didn't worry to much about it. I happened to go into the store a few days ago to buy my niece her baby shower gift. I asked the associate to reprint the receipt for my car seat purchase. which she found with no problem and reprinted it. We live about 40 minutes away from the store and since my husband happened to be going to Yakima I asked him to return the car seat but I forgot to give him the receipt. When he went into the store he was told they couldn't find the receipt with his phone number nor with his credit card he had paid with. He then called me and handed the phone over to the associate. I informed her it was purchased with my phone number. When I gave her my phone number she said she still couldn't find it. I then informed her that I had another associate reprint the receipt so I know it's in the system. I then gave her the receipt not once but twice until she said she found it. She was still rude after she found it. She told my husband that she might not be able to put it back on his credit card for whatever reason and that she might have to give him a gift card. I was not happy with the gift card option but at the end she did put it back on his credit card. I wasn't even in the store and I could hear by the tone in her voice that she was trying to avoid returning this item. I will never step foot in this store again. This associate that helped my husband was by far the rudest rep I have ever spoken to. She was so rude that I'm letting all my friends and family know about this bad experience. I hope you guys can give this associate some customer service training or maybe she just needs to find a job that doesn't involve customer service at all.

Jan 31, 2017

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