Burlington Boutiquemoney grabbing

I just want to say after an expensive weekend in London with my daughter at this
Photo shoot I am very very unhappy we didn’t get what was offered
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My daughter and I travelled up from Devon and Dorset to get to this shoot and expected a lot more
than what we got. we had, had a great experience the last time and felt this
time was all about the money and paying for the photos not about making us feel
My deposit was sucked in to 2 purchases of make-up which i was pushed into taking, I’ve only got one I am
told the other is being sent how do I know the girl disappeared, I didn’t get chance to see the prices, I had put £60 deposit down and I am told this is what the make-up cost but there was nothing I bought that was over £28 from what I remember of the price list so again I was conned.
I am totally disappointed about my experience and will not be recommending any
one to go or will i be attending again, please feedback.
i still haven't received the other piece of make up and its been over 2 weeks since my visit I would want my money back but no-one will have the decency to talk to me.

Reason we didn’t say a lot on the day I doubted whether I remembered correctly what
was on offer so I had to check on my return to confirm exactly what was offered
I wished I had taken this with me then I could have made my annoyance on the

refreshments on arrival and during your session
1 cup of tea eventually and a glass of wine when we
choose pics

Mini Manicure- Shape and Polish ... last minute paint on nails no mini manicure or shapeFacial Cleansing ...didn’t happen Professional makeup application from a top Makeup Artist ...this happened but a rush job
High Fashion Hairstyling ... back combed my hair a little not high fashion all of 10 mins work
Multi Set Photoshoot... over 50 pics
Private viewing of all your images...yes this happened but felt rushed
Your favourite image as a 5x7 finished print conned into digital 5 prints costing me a total of £200
Please pass this on to the boutique on my behalf I would like feedback
2 weeks after my first complaint and subsequent emails I have had no feed back from this company ref my complaints so i had to write in to this forum i am £260 pounds out of pocket and totally disgusted in the way this company have treated me

Sep 12, 2014

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