Builders Warehousedidn't get my discount using my trade card

I purchased a geyser from strubensvalley, i did not get my usual 2.5% discount. I called your call center and was advised that i needed to call back the following week as this was a system problem, i was told to ask for accounts and they would sort it out.After calling the following week and after investigation by the call center agent i was advised that i needed to go to my local builders which is Gleneagles and ask for customer services and they will sort it out. I duly called on them and have been given the run around i was advised that the problem was sorted but no mention of the 2.5% discount that is due to me from my purchase which i want. The same geyser was being sold by other retailers for R2999 and i figured that paying the builders price of R3050 was ok because after my 2.5% discount the prices would be similar after discount. I am sending this from my home email but have copies of correspondence with the call center as well as the customer service lady at Gleneagles who just ignores me if u need it.
Enlosed is a picture of my card so u can see the number.

My contact details are [protected] alt email [protected]

Builders Warehouse

Dec 04, 2018

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