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Buds Gunshop


Unethical Business Practices

Complaint Rating:  89 % with 432 votes
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Contact information:
Buds Gunshop and Range
4115 Lexington Rd
Paris, Kentucky
United States
Phone: (859)259-1008
I have spent thousands of dollars at this website and I had recently purchased an optic item (BARSKA AC10332 RED DOT 50MM RED 5MOA). After using this item once it broke. On the website the buyer has the ability to rate the product and leave messages for other buyers. Before I had bought this product there was only one review and it was a good one, so I bought it. After it broke I went back and gave it one star and a bad review (without being nasty). The next day my review had been deleted. I posted it again. Again it was deleted. This happened everyday for 5 days. Today I logged in and saw that my post had been deleted and Budsguns had created someone with my same name and gave the product a good review!!! I tried to log in but they discontinued my account so I could not! I think this shows an extreme lack of business integrity and only serves to trick the buyers into buying this cheaply made product. Not only did they delete my bad reviews and account, but now they are posing as me and posting good reviews (and they locked me out so I can’t do anything about it).

I suggest that all of you that have complaints contact the Kentucky Better Business Bureau. I did. The number to the BBB of Kentucky is (859)259-1008. Once you call enter the number for Buds ((859) 368-0371). Buds is a member of the BBB, and the BBB needs to see this pattern that isn’t being reported. Otherwise Buds will continue with their deceptive unethical business practices.

Buds Gunshop

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D  7th of Aug, 2009 by    -15 Votes
Reply From Budsgunshop.com. This guy did contact the BBB, and we provided them all of the documentation they required to show that we had done nothing wrong. This person just makes erroneous accusations in an attempt to hurt our business. We have sold over 2, 000 of the Barska units with overwhelming positive responses, but obviously a person could get a bad unit with that kind of volume. We offer 100% refund on all defective products, so this guy really had nothing to complain about, just a chronic need to complain I guess. You can view our website to see that there are many negative reviews on products, so we obviously don't delete those. We have nearly 200, 000 registered customers...just no way to make them all happy...but we'll settle for the 99% !
A  14th of Sep, 2009 by    +11 Votes
Wow... as a potential customer of Budsgunshop.com doing my homework, I am pretty surprised at the response to a complaint from an apparently loyal customer. Way to avoid acknowledging any responsibilty or show any concern, and then throw one of your seemingly good customers under the bus by saying they "make erroneous accusations in an attempt to hurt" your business. My first thought is, why would you jump to that conclusion? He only made one accusation, against the product. The guy bought a gun scope that broke, and just wanted to make sure people knew about his experience. Then his reviews were apparently deleted, and his account locked out. In your response to his complaint, you didn't even offer him an opportunity to give his opinion on the product on your website or make right the review he was trying to post. You just said he "had nothing to complain about" because he could get a 100% refund. Well, he wasn't complaining about your return policy, he was complaining about your integrity in the information you provide on your website. I'm now much more inclined to believe he was right, and budsgunshop has some serious issues of openness and honesty in their business practice, as well as a major lack of concern for their customers.
D  16th of Sep, 2009 by    -11 Votes
We have over 207, 00o customers since flipping the switch on www.budsgunshop.com You can search the web to find a handful of negative press like this over 7 years...just no way to make everyone happy when you are doing the kind of volume that we do. We believe we did everything correctly, and so did the BBB after doing their review, not sure what else you would have us do ? This persons negative post here is as unreasonable and false as their original post on our website. Nobody used this persons name to post a positive comment on our website, we only edited his post to remove uneccessarily harsh language, we did not change the scope or the actual rating value of the original post. The BBB was provided the original post and the email thread between me and the customer...they made their decision based on the facts...not assumptions from one persons side of the story as the person did who posted this last comment...very unfair, but then again I feel these "free speech" forums often are unfair...as you are completely free to assume, accuse, condem, slander, etc.
N  30th of Oct, 2009 by    -5 Votes
I have nothing bad nor good to say so far since I have yet to purchase from them. I do have a friend that has his FFL and is a armorer who also teaches full auto classes and is very gun savvy buy quite a few guns from Bud's and had nothing but good things to say about them. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying this guy has no legitimate complaint at all. With their volume of sales you will get some bad reviews and experiences. It is those that do make a consumer very upset and rightfully so.

With that said I plan to buy a Ruger GP100 from them. I hope I have one of the good experiences.
D  15th of Nov, 2009 by    +10 Votes
Here is what Buds say are my erroroneus accusations...little did they know that I took screenshots of what they were doing. I will post my screenshots showing them deleting me out of my accound, deleting my poor review of the product, and then writing a good review in my name...
D  15th of Nov, 2009 by    +9 Votes
Here is the first screenshot of them acting like they are me giving this product a good review...The Kentucky BBB relayed to me that Bud's failed to comment on the fact that they deleted my account and inserted a false review in my name...

N  15th of Nov, 2009 by    +8 Votes
Here is the screenshot showing that they locked me out of my account so I couldn't alter the good review they put in my name. In Bud's statement above you will read "Nobody used this person name to post a positive comment on our website"...I have never in my life experienced or seen this level of deception within a business. Bud's states above states that I am just trying to hurt their business...In the past I used them in a number of transactions, including a high end 1911, a Sig P220, and night vision. Why would I want to attack their business b/c a $20 cheap scope broke? (I didn't even care to get a replacement b/c it wasn't worth the hassle) I only posted a review that stated that it broke after the first shot on my Sig556. Only once they began deleting my reviews did it become an issue with Buds, and I contacted the BBB immediately after they put up the good review in my name. Just to put this in perspective to this day Bud's is the only business I have ever reported to the BBB in any state. If this post just causes one person not to buy from Bud's I will be happy and put this behind me..

N  23rd of Nov, 2009 by    +9 Votes
Wish I had seen this BEFORE buying online from these guys. Their customer service skills are slightly worse than a pit bull, they attack anybody who has a problem with their goods. Buds gun shop is awfully defensive for having done nothing wrong. They called me a slandering idiot, (of course, they are not "slandering" me by saying that), thats a great way to defuse an unhappy customer.
A  23rd of Nov, 2009 by     Best Advice +11 Votes

I have spent approximately $30k over the past four years a Budsgunshop, have provided countless referrals, and was a loyal and constant customer. I purchased a Ruger LCP, which, ironically, was one of the lowest priced purchases I made on their site. I wrote a lengthy review, as was typical for me, where I praised the gun, but noted I could have purchased the weapon elsewhere for less. Some time had passed, and the little .380 from Ruger was now on their front page. I clicked on it, and to my surprise, found that they had modified and changed my review of the weapon, to remove all mention of the fact I found the weapon elsewhere for less, but still choose to purchase the gun from them, such was my loyalty. I was shocked and angry that someone would twist and change what I wrote for their benefit, so I wrote another review which was critical of their unethical behavior. This was their response -

"Mr. Petrasek,

The "Product Reviews" on our website are for "Products" only. If you have something negative to say about our business, please proceed to any one of the hundreds of b.s. free forums and slander away...you will not be the first or the last. You are just sour grapes because a firearm you purchased during its peak has drastically dropped in price. We have no control over our cost and we maintain the exact same profit margin at all times. Only our cost of the gun affects our advertised sale price.

Did you email Wall Street earlier this year and complain when your stock values dropped by 40% ?...or when that same gallon of gas you bought for $4 is now only $2.50...and have they offered you any partial refunds ? Your review included "ridiculous"...and I do agree with you there...very "ridiculous".

Your account has been closed, take your b.s. whining somewhere else.

Team Buds

Incorrect legal terminology aside, I actually laughed out loud when I first read it. I suggested they apologize for their treatment of a customer, who as I stated above, spent $30k at their site over four years, and they choose to ignore it. Not only did they lack the intelligence to notice that in my original review, I was actually complementing them by saying basically, yeah I could buy the gun elsewhere for less, but hey, these guys were good to me and I will give them my money because they are good business folks (Obviously that was a tragic lapse in judgment). But them going and manipulating customer reviews is heinous and well, just plain sleazy. I wish whoever wrote the above response would at least have the courage to sign it, rather than just a generic "Team Buds", another sign of lack of accountability and poor customer service.

This was my response in its entirety -

Wow. Lets get some info straight. I make well in excess of $100k a year. I could give a cr@p about an $80 price drop. I do however, find it offensive that someone would manipulate what I wrote. That was my beef, nothing else. I am all to aware of how business operates, I do not need a lesson from you, thank you. I also know, that businesses go out of business one customer at a time. I have made between $25-30k in purchases from you. And this is your response to me complaining that you edited my review? Amazing. I have never seen such a rude, unprofessional, and arrogant response to a customer, nor have I ever had what I wrote as a review, twisted and manipulated to benefit a business. I have wrote many detailed, lengthy, and positive reviews on your website from my many purchases. I find it ironic that one time, I post that I found the product cheaper elsewhere, yet was still happy with the product and transaction, and it was promptly edited. I could give a sh!t about $80. Thats less than we pay for a bottle of whine. Clearly, because I bought the d@mn thing through you anyways. I have banked at the same bank for 30 years, bought my vehicles from the same dealer for 25. I truly enjoy having someone I trust to do business with. That is more important than saving some cash, to me. You would rather loose a good customer, than admit you are wrong, or apologize for editing my post. Fine. That is not how I treat others, nor how I treat my clients. I appreciate all of the business we have done in the past, it was a good run. Shame we have to leave on such a trivial thing, I will indeed, take my "bs whining" elsewhere. Good luck to you. If whoever at team Buds that wrote the ridiculous email to me and closed my account would like to talk like grown men, my email is mdpetrasek@-----.com.

This was the review that they thought was ethical and appropriate to modify to make their products more appealable to future potential customers -

by Michael PDate Added: Monday 03 August, 2009

Works well so far with 150 rounds of mixed HP and FMJ. .380 ammo is still difficult to find here, so do not want to plow through to much to fully test it. Smaller than my Rohrbaugh R9S Elite in all aspects, and much lighter. It is a clone of the P3AT, but in my opinion, better made with superior materials. All in all, a great deep concealment piece for hot summer days. Buy it. Gun is five stars.

Rating: [4 of 5 Stars!]

I gave the gun five stars, and Buds three due to prices being higher than average. They forgot to change the star rating to five, as they are apparently as careless as they are clueless. My original review had prices that I paid, and had much more detail as well.

I would highly encourage anyone wishing to do business with this "business" to realize that they will basically do whatever they see fit to regardless of what is moral. This is my own opinion about the folks over at "Team Buds" as a result of this-

1) They will change and manipulate what customers are writing under their product reviews sections

2) Have absolutely no customer service skills

3) Highly unprofessional

4) GE Money Credit Card linked in their business is one of the worst credit cards out there. If you use it, read the fine print and do not carry a balance. I just closed mine out by sending a check to pay of the entire balance. Clearly I will not need it as I would rather throw money in the fire than give it to an unethical business. I used it for some year long no interest rate purchases, but of course, they are retroactive if you don't pay it off. The interest rate is positively hideous. Just be warned they are using a low quality credit card for their financial "hook".

5) Have a profound lack of judgment and a serious ethics problem

6) Refuse to admit they were wrong, just apologize and act like an adults

I would look to the other folks that are out there for potential customers looking at doing business with Buds. I will not list them, as I don’t want this appear to be promoting another business over Buds. I would rather this just stick to what Buds does, and how they treat their customers. I mean really, once a cheat/thief/liar, always one. I see they own a used car business, and now my understanding of their business practices are coming more to light! Now to go buy my next AR15!

Unlike "Team Buds" I will not hide behind the internet by not signing what I write. If anyone needs more info, or to share similar terrible experiences with Buds, email me at


Michael Petrasek

N  24th of Nov, 2009 by    -8 Votes
Just constant non stop long winded lies and false accusations. We do NOT own a used car business...never have, not even sure where you came up with that one ? I assume you pulled it out of the same place your head resides most times !

I noticed in all your rambling you failed to mention your 15 CANCELED ORDERS prior to us closing your account...hmmm ? Sure you spent some money with us on the 23 orders you actually completed...so hey, I guess your average was better than most major leaguers ! Unfortunately, we do not pad the profit margins in your completed orders enough to pay for all the lost time (= money) in those 15 CANCELED ORDERS.

By comparison, we have blacklisted less than 10 customer accounts out of over 231, 000 registered www.budsgunshop.com customers in the past 6 years. So we are not batting 100% ourselves, but we are really, really close !
N  25th of Nov, 2009 by    +3 Votes
I tend to study my products very carefully before I purchase, then after finding the closest dealer with the best price, I place my order. Its a shame that a $19.00 red dot brought so much negative attention. From reading the responses from Buds, I don't think that customer service is at their peak when verbal or written communication from customers call out or attacks ethical business solutions. That being said, I have worked retail many years ago before the military and understand the pressures that come with great customer care. If Buds Customer satisfaction rating is 99% then that means 200 customers out of 200, 000 are left un-content. In my mind there are some people that want everything for nothing, and others that ask for only what they pay for. I would consider purchasing from Buds based on price and In Stock product alone. I don't leave negative feed back, I'll just give someone else my money should an Un-Settled dispute arise.
A  25th of Nov, 2009 by    +5 Votes
My dispute wasn't with the red dot scope...I was going to deal with the loss of $19. My dispute came about when they decided to deceive the other potential buyers by deleting my comment and replacing it with a fake good review. I was planning to buy again from Buds (even though the scope broke), but once they choose to censor and silence their customer I decided to call it quits and share my story. Most of what you are seeing on this post is many other unhappy customers with their stories posted on my red dot scope complaint.
A  25th of Nov, 2009 by    +8 Votes
Wow Bud's...You said yourself that your business model allows for a 1% customer dissatisfaction rate. If Bud's is so unconcerened with that small 1% who aren't happy with their service, then why is "Team Bud" stalking internet complaint boards jumping at the chance to call everybody who has a possible legitimate complaint a liar? That sort of defensive behavior is what leads me to believe these complaints are valid ones. Even if the complaints were un-merited, I still would not buy from Bud's just based on the harsh and childish manner in which they respond to criticism. Come on Bud's, would you really call yourself a "professional and legitimate" business, who has their customer's needs at the forefront of their business pillars? You don't see great companies like Glock, Sig Sauer, Colt, Springfield, and Smith &Wesson get onto forum's and bash their customer's for airing a complaint they have with their product do you? Then what gives an internet shopping site who is in the business of selling other companies products that right? I mean all you guy's are is a middleman from manufacturer to owner . From reading your replies, it seems you have an overbloated, arrogant, almost eliteist image of yourself. Like Bud's never makes mistakes and is too good to just say "Sorry". That's probably all this guy wanted, was for you guy's to say "sorry for counterfeiting your account and forging your post." I mean you really can't deny it, the guy complaining has screen shots.

Bud's...just say sorry and move along. You can still salvage a portion of your customer base if you do so. But one thing I know...if you continue to act like one customer doesn't matter, then you are in for a world of hurt. It only takes one customer's bad experience to light a fire of frenzied opposition to your so called business...word of mouth is the crux of any successful gun dealership and you seem to have forgotten that. I know one thing...after reading this complaint board and doing some independent research of my own, I am definitely not going to buy from Bud's and I will tell anyone who will listen not to buy from Bud's too. I'll choose to buy from one of the other 1, 000 internet gun dealerships out there.

Signed - Larry Lancaster
N  25th of Nov, 2009 by    +6 Votes

To the folks at Buds, you are right and have my most profound apologies for erroneously linking you to a used car dealership. I was communicating with another dissatisfied ex Buds customer, and he led me to believe you also had a used car dealership, and was clearly mistaken. It was a miscommunication between us, and I fully retract and apologize for not fact checking prior to posting my comment.

As far as the rest of your angry hostile reply, you are flat out wrong. You continue to lack ownership of the obvious and undisputed fact that you are manipulating customer reviews to portray your company in a more respectable light. Heinous. When you start down the slippery road of amoral business practices, it brings into question all of your actions and claims, and all of the numbers and statistics you are quoting in your reply. Would you believe someone who has lied to you once? Not me, and I certainly won’t give you the benefit of the doubt.

As far as me cancelling orders. True. I also placed many orders and was told sometimes days later, out of stock, pick something else. I wonder if you are including those in your “15” cancelled orders. If you were so upset with my cancelling of orders, show me the email where you expressed your concern. Show me anything that you made an effort to keep a customer who forked over some$30, 000 to you over a period of four years. You would think, a reputable business would make the effort to inform the customer that you felt was being irresponsible in regards to frequent cancelling of orders. You know, a professional business. I honestly thought it was all automated, and did not know that it was actually taking your time. For this, I apologize. It certainly was not my intent to waste your time. I would present to you however, you made plenty of money off my purchases and trades. On some of the trades, you made nearly a fifty percent profit, some within hours of placing them on your site. I am not faulting you, nor am I suggesting you ripped me off. I realize that when you take the convenience of a trade, you are forfeiting money. Not a concern for me really, but clearly you were making lots of money off me, so don’t suggest otherwise. Lies are not becoming to either of us. I suspect you are attempting, rather pathetically, to deflect your schizophrenic response to me confronting you on your decision to manipulate my review on your website. Please. If you were truly concerned about me cancelling orders, you would have listed that in your rude email where you informed me to take “my whining bs elsewhere” and blacklisting me. There was no mention of it then, why now? Why don’t you just take ownership of a bad, impulsive moment? Why continue to hide behind smokescreens and rude, condescending comments? You really are making yourself foolish the more you write here. Anyone that is reading your own comments are wondering, I am sure, is Buds for real?

The only reason I am on here writing, is to bring to light Budsgunshop.com’s poor ethics, and to hopefully sway others to shop elsewhere when they see how they do business. I never wanted a refund, to return a product, or anything other than an apology, and admission that what they were doing was wrong. That’s it. Indeed, I was quite content with them, until I caught them manipulating something I wrote. I guess you have to ask yourself what is most important. Me, I refuse to support business practices such as what budsgunshop.com clearly thinks is normal and has no issues with it. I would also be highly suspicious of any percentages or numbers Buds is quoting, as who is to say they are not stacking that in their favor like they are doing in their customer review sections?

Again, my apologies to Buds for erroneously linking them to the used car business, I unlike Buds, will freely admit, and take ownership of my mistakes, however unintentional. Also, I give my name, to lend credibility. Have not seen that from "Team Buds", curious lack of accountability, and hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

Signed – Michael Petrasek
N  27th of Nov, 2009 by    +7 Votes
I have never seen anything quite like what I am reading above. Budsgunshop.com had better get a clue on how to treat its customers, or they will have a catastrophic business failure. Lets break down what they have done here and how it pertains to poor business practices-

1) At least two long time customers have written what appears to be well documented and legitimate complaints. Buds response – infantile remarks and an “oh well, can’t please ‘em all. One of the customers by Buds own admission, bought 23 firearms through them. 23! And Bud’s response? You cost us money by cancelling orders! Idiots.

2) Buds gunshop.com is caught red handed in above posts in a lie. Their response? Insult the customers! Great!

3) Budsgunshop.com states they only have a one percent rate of dissatisfaction, yet are trolling this website and reply within less than 24 hours to above posters comments. This would seem to indicate otherwise, as they clearly are trying to bully and belittle dissatisfied customers rather than retaining them.

4) Even if the above posters are full of crap, and I don’t think they are, Buds should not be acting like a drunken teen and insulting them in a public forum. They should take the high road, and ask what they could do to make them happy. This is what professional business do. Not rail on long time customers in public. Reflects very poorly on Buds.

5) Buds looks like it has a serious leadership problem indeed. If this is someone within Buds reflecting the business practices, it is an ominous sign of pending failure. If this link makes its way over to AR15.com, those boys will have a field day with Buds.

6) The firearms community is tight nit. Especially so online. Buyers tend to act with suspicion both makers, and sellers of firearms. If this forum gets spread around, Buds sales will plummet.

Since the above poster will not post other places to buy firearms online, I will. CDNN investments is a great company, ordered many products through them. Always available, answer the phone and have better prices than Buds. Impact Arms is another one I have had good luck with, and always gunbroker.com for the best deals. Botach.com has great prices on accessories. I have considered buying firearms through Buds, but after reading this, and hearing through the grapevine about negative experience from others, never again will I consider giving these goons any business.

Screw you Buds!
D  27th of Nov, 2009 by    -8 Votes
You guys just keep rambling on and on...and we'll keep selling guns ! Pages and pages of absolute crap and lies...and when you get called out (calling us a used care dealer)...then it's..."woops, sorry"...and then just move on the next assumption/lie...it will never end. These forums remind me of the Enquirer or Star magazines at the checkout stands...just full of fiction and lies.

I have been in business for 20 of my 41 years on this planet...and I found out early on the customer is NOT always right. I should know...as I am a customer of many, many business's myself...and I am NOT always right either...just ask my wife !

Any customer who thinks they are always right...just because they are the customer...are ALWAYS the worst customers to have !
A  27th of Nov, 2009 by    +9 Votes

So Buds uses the dreaded, “liar liar pants on fire” defense, while not quite denying that they have done what the above posters are accusing them of. What I see in this dialogue is a business doing its best to change the focus of attention from the complaints, to the people who are making the complaints. A common and tasteless defense. When this is the best defense you can muster, makes you sound like you just may have some culpability and guilt after all. You clearly have already been caught by “bencit” in one lie, let’s make it some more. Liars have the darndest time keeping their “facts” straight, I suspect this is why you are intentionally being vague with your replies.

You can’t even keep track of why you are upset with me. First it was I called you out for being a liar on your website, have the proof. Then you shifted and said it was because I had 15 cancellations, which is another lie. A sizeable percentage of those “cancellations” were cancelled by you due to not having the inventory. “Out of stock” even though it said it was in stock when I bought it. Your failure to keep track of your own inventory is not my problem. As I probably make more money than you, one could argue that you were costing me money by wasting my time. Finally, you say you are upset because I made a mistake, even though I fully retracted and apologized for it. What will it be next? Can’t wait!

As I said, I already apologized and retracted my false statement I made regarding you being a used car dealership. It was a misunderstanding, as I explained. So get over it . While you may not sell used Hyundai’s, you certainly are in the same moral league as a used car salesmen complete with the tacky fake Rolex and loud plaid suit. Quit trying to deflect honest accusations and actually offer proof you are not a liar and an amoral business. I have seen nothing here except an apparent business owner with a bad temper and lack of ethics so far. Again, prove me wrong. Come up with something more original than calling us liars, and whatever other vulgarities you can pluck from your limited vocabulary.

You can keep on selling guns, but you will never know how many sales you have lost as a result of clearly proven unethical business practices and your incredible ignorance. I suspect as word continues to circulate, your sales will diminish. There are, as another poster alluded to, 100’s to 1000’s of other places to buy firearms online. You are hardly unique in your business position.

And true, customers are not always right. But neither are businesses. When you have ex customers with proof of what they are accusing you of, sort of shifts the burden of innocence to you. Your response? Lies, all lies! Your head is up your rear! Come on, even my five year old can come up with something more original than that. Your lack of any ability to have an original thought speaks volumes of your character. I have nothing to gain here other than protecting my fellow gun enthusiasts from buying products that you have artificially made more appealing by altering your own customers reviews. Clearly you know the importance one places on these, otherwise you would not have had taken the risk of doing what you did. Again, I want no money from you, do not want to return any product, have no desire to do business with you, not accusing you of not sending me what I ordered from you, etc. I am just disgusted with your lies. Who has more to gain by lying? Which one of us would be more believable to future customers do you think? Me or you?

And yes, your business is just like the Enquirer, I could not have picked a better analogy. Lies, half truths, no originality, owners with no ethics, amoral employees, and disgusting business practices. Sums you up just about perfectly I would say.

Clearly, since you are not signing your name to your ludicrous accusations and comments, you must be at least a little ashamed of yourself. There would be no other reason for your lack of ownership to your comments. I know I would embarrassed if I were doing what you are.

Signed- Michael Petrasek
A  28th of Nov, 2009 by    +6 Votes
I am an ex- budsgunshop costumer. Purchased over $10, 000 worth of guns in two years. Their OK as long as you don't have an issue with the product and have to contact costumer service, they just seem rude and arrogant to me. Found a new dealer online that is as convinient and used them since. Prices are slightly higher on most items (+$5 to $15 due to shipping charges) but I am being treated with respect when I have issues with their product. Check them out, gundealeronline.com. - Chris
N  28th of Nov, 2009 by    +8 Votes
Interesting... I just stumbled upon this board after days of browsing the wares of budsgunshop.com. The website seemed to be of a genuine quality, and I was about to make my first purchase.

I am very, very happy that I found this dialogue. Each response budsgunshop.com submits tries harder and harder to avoid acknowledging the actual complaints that have been posted, and instead try to focus on some trivial aspect of someone's argument that was later retracted.

I'm amazed that any businessman can be successful with a practice such as this, and I will be bringing my business elsewhere. Thank you for bringing this to light, bencit and mdpetrasek, you have probably just saved me a wad of cash and a headache.
D  28th of Nov, 2009 by    -8 Votes
You guys can do whatever you want, but Buds has been nothing but great to me over the past 6 years of doing business with them. I have met both the owners and both are class acts. The sales guys stay pretty overwhelmed, but they are adding new guys all the time. When I started buying from them years ago it was just Brandon, now they have about six full time sales guys and looking to hire more all the time according to what one of the owners told me up at their store a couple months ago.

I have read this whole thread and really don't see the big deal. You liked the gun, but the price changed and you blame Buds for that ? I think you better look elsewhere for placing blame on fluctuating gun prices, like Washington, D.C.

Just my two cents.

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