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my wife placed an order with buds gun shop she wanted a colt 1911 45 pistol she placed the order with them but they had a picture of a colt 1911 45 auto but is was really a colt 1911 9mm pistol so she called and was put on hold for a long long time well she called me and ask me if I would call buds guns and fix her order I said sure well when I call some rude woman there answered the phone when I tried to tell her what happened she wanted to charge me $70.00 I said can't you just fix the order she said she would have to cancel the order and start over again. the funny thing is the payment had not been taken out yet. well when I refused to pay $70.00 extra they took out $709.00 then they cancelled my wifes order then some guy by the name of ERIC called and wanted to speak to my wife well I thought maybe he was going to fix her order well he told my wife that he cancelled the order after they took out the money of our account it took 13 days to get the money back I had to get my bank involved in this . also this guy named ERIC told my wife she could not handle a colt 45 pistol and that she was buying the gun for me I already own 6 colt 1911 hand guns why would I want another. the gun was for my wife. not me sorry gun shop. I would never buy from them.

Mar 01, 2016

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