Buds Gun ShopSent used gun that was bought as new

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12/28/2016 ordered gun from
Order #1861593
S&w 10098 m&p®9 performance center® ported
Serial # hda7082
Cost: $676.00
Order total: $703.28

1/4/2017 ffl recieved gun
1/5/2017 picked up gun from ffl, looked ok in the case.
1/6/2017 inspected gun closely, found incredibly dirty with powder residue, more than would be there from a few magazines fired at factory.
Called buds, was told that it is normal to have some residue from test firing at factory and was told that since i took transfer from ffl, tough luck.
Took photos of gun (enclosed)
Spoke with s& w, sent photo's to them, they requested i send it in for inspection.
1/17/2017 called s&w for information as to what distributor got the gun first. it was chattanooga shooting supplies. called them, and sent pics. they say guns are not inspected on receipt, but sold to suppliers.
1/23/2017 still waiting for s&w to process
I believe buds guns allowed this gun to be used at their indoor range, then boxed up and sent to me as a new gun. the pictures tell the story.

Buds Gun Shop
Buds Gun Shop

Jan 23, 2017
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  • Li
      Jan 23, 2017

    Holy crap... that thing has had hundreds, if not thousands, of rounds through it...

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  • Ge
      Jun 21, 2018

    I also received a used gun as new

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