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Layaway ScaM and very cold hearted when it came to customer service. I went on buds and found two guns to purchase for my husband. I placed them both on layaway. I paid the $75 down. A week later paid $50. Then two days later paid $30. I planned on just paying something every week or sooner to hurry up and get it paid off. After my last payment I wake up to a new email stating that there was a problem with my payment and they needed to speak with me and had cancelled my layaway! CANCELLED MY LAYAWAY!!! Holy c**p what??? I called and they said they refunded all my payments back within 5 days. I said what happened and they said that my first two debits where made with my card and when I made that last payment I had used my husbands card and that I couldn't do that. There couldn't be two names associated with a firearm purchase. Well I said ok lesson learned on my part but why cancel my layaway? Couldn't they just reverse the last payment? She said no it's already been cancelled! I said this is crazy well then let me get my debit card out now and I'll just pay you off in full and she said well the price of the one gun you want has went up $92 now and we can't sell it to you at the original price when you started your layaway. I said this is crazy. I felt so put down by buds! It would have been my first purchase. I'm waiting on my refund now. And I have two brothers that are team buds members who spend thousands a year who said they are done with buds too for them doing this. This could have been handled by simply either calling me to explain what happened and at least give me the chance to make a payment with my debit card. I'm going elsewhere. They way the made me feel makes me not to even get myself and husband into gun collecting. Very upset with buds gun shop right now.

Aug 06, 2014
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  • Bu
      Aug 14, 2014

    While we appreciate this customer's business, we cannot accept an order where a "straw" purchase may be taking place. This was explained to the customer. She placed an order in her name, subsequently associated a male name to the order via a payment method. What this means is that the female would be having a background check done on her and picking up the firearm, while an associated male person is actually paying for the firearm. The problem is that the male who is paying for the firearm is not having a background check performed on him. More often than not a straw purchase is made by a female for a male that isn't legally allowed to purchase a firearm. We have no way to verify who the firearm is actually intended for and have an obligation to avoid a straw purchase ethically and legally.

    This information was provided to the customer. As well, the customer was given the option to convert her payments to a gift card that she purchased on her account. She could then provide the gift card to the male who the firearm was intended for. He could then create his own account and purchase his firearm with the gift card. This resolves any possible straw issue since the recipient of the gift card would be purchasing the firearm in his name, on his account and completing a background check.

    The customer refused this option and the order was canceled.

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  • Km
      Aug 30, 2014

    On 8-24-14 I placed a layaway order and paid a down payment of 67.81 to secure an order with buds gun shop with an electronic check that is a joint account with my wife of the same name. The following week I worked extra jobs to come up with money to pay off and start shipping, I was excited to get my first gun thru buds for convenience and price. I asked my wife to make the final payment of 271 on 8-28, she proceeded to call buds to find out how she could expedite the process, they informed her that I had to make the payment, I came home for lunch to make payment with the same checking account and the payment was accepted. When I came home later that evening I tried to get in my account to check the status of my order and was locked out of my account. I then sent buds an email to find out what was the problem, I was promptly sent an email stating that my order was being processed, but was still not able to access my account. We proceeded to call buds to find out more info, we were then told our transaction was cancelled as a potential" straw "purchase, and we would not get our money back until it sat in their account for 5 business days. I called them on 8-29 to ask for my first payment back since it had been 5 business days, and it still has not been credited. I still to this day have not received a formal email stating their intentions. Due to their lack of professionalism in informing my of the problem and me having to chase them for information, and not keeping to their 5 day policy, I do not trust them to give me any of my money back, I have informed my bank and will get authorities involved if necessary,
    They should have never accepted or processed my final payment if the purchase was suspect, unfortunately my wife and I made a newbie mistake, and I vow to never buy anything from such an unprofessional company in the future, I wish I had found this website before I placed order they seem to have a very bad track record, very upset with this company, they should not be allowed to play games with other peoples money, it seems that communication would be a simple way to resolve most of their issues but I think they are incapable of acting professionally

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  • Da
      Jan 19, 2015

    Without going into detail. I just recently placed an order in layaway which i was wrestling with myself on which gun to get. I logged in the other day after selling a gun to pay it off. Therevwas a little message alert telling me my order could no be secured unitil final payment had been made. Wait... before i placed my 20% down, i read over all that stuff and it daid my gun was secure once they got first payment.
    What happened, why is my order not secured. I am not paying four hundred dollars more on a gun that is not secured per their little message note. So I called back monday to see if I could switch the gun if it was not secured, but it was to hear them say on phone. But not in my message. The guy was nice and only doing his job as told. Put me on hold to see if we could switch gun, i pay it off and get it shipped out. He came back to tell me that they would have to keep 10%per his manager. It was my first time trying buds and i was not going to loose $50 because of something as minor as that. I decided to keep the one gun and come back later online and paybit off. I got a call within 5 minutes talking to me like i was stupid and had not read thir layaway plan. Over and over he jept trying to tell me why thry do this, which for a first time and was hoping a long time customer i thought he should have done this. But know he would not budge. I officially think buds is a ripoff business working with somme gonvermennt agency and if not, should be investigated by one. If they are not over the next three months, i would not want to buy anything from buds. Will keep you informed monthly if they mess with my money and will contact every agency I can trust to investigate them!

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  • Re
      Aug 17, 2015

    Hi I'm a female trying to buy two guns one for conceal carry and one for the house there has been a number of rapes in my neighborhood so I decided to purchase a couple of cheap guns from Buds Gun Shop I can't afford to purchase them at onetime so decided to put them on layaway.I work late nights as waitress and trying to pay for it with tips and am using my and my husbands debit cards I gave them 365.00 and then my order was cancelled and I was accused of trying to buy it for a other person when I called them back they accused me of a straw purchase my husband is in Afghanistan and we share our accounts they say they will refund me my money in 3-5 business days and pray they do give me refund from what I see on this its going to be a struggle there excuse was we heard a man talking to you in the back ground that was my boss helping me with the name of one of the guns O wanted to buy wow poor business.

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  • Si
      Oct 03, 2016

    Your experiences were unfortunate, but FFL's cannot facilitate potential straw purchases. In the future I would recommend using money orders, if you guys give buds another chance, to avoid any misconceptions. The one thing you need to remember is guns are a regulated commodity and as such has rules of purchase that must be followed. Also make sure your address on your identification matches the address on your credit card they will ding you for that too. Dave50664 they tell you that you can not change your order once you get too many mouse clicks in, however when you finish paying for your firearm you can have your ffl send it back to buds for free and a full refund before it is transferred into your name. That has been their policy since at least July of 2015 when i got my sig p229 on the awesome 180 day plan

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  • Us
      Apr 05, 2018

    Sounds to me like BudsGuns is nothing more than a bunch of thieves with an FFL who utilize "language loopholes" to cheat honest hardworking people out of their money!

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  • Da
      Jan 01, 2019

    I bought a gun from Buds on layaway with no problems what so ever. Once it was paid off it was shipped promptly. With all the crappy regulations they have to be extra careful. They have a process and they stick to it for everyone.

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