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I had the same exact issue with Buds Guns that many many others have already expressed. I purchased a Stoeger M3500 shotgun from them, a firearm that I had been looking for for over a year, because I finally found the price I wanted and for a "Factory New" one to top it off. I was so excited. I go to my local gun store to pick it up and the first thing the rep asks me is "Did you buy this new?". I respond yes, he then says "Well you might want to check it out, there is a lot of gunpowder residue in the barrel". I examine the gun and it is obviously a used gun. There was gunpowder in the barrel and in the action, the metal grommet on the magazine cap was scratched and rusted, there was a huge 1 inch long scratch on the camo mag cap all the way down to the metal, etc. I have pictures as proof.

As I expected the Buds rep told me that it was not used and the powder was due to the manufacturer test firing the gun and I had to contact Stoeger to resolve the issue. So I call Stoeger and let them know what was going on, they looked up my serial and said that the import date on the gun had been 7 months prior to my purchasing it. The very helpful rep at Stoeger told me that Stoeger does not test fire any of their guns so the powder most certainly was not from them.

I call Buds guns back and spoke with the manager Nick who tells me that I have no proof that the firearm is used despite my having pictures, videos, and supporting statements from both Stoeger and my local gun shop. He said I should not have accepted the gun at the LGS. He wouldn't even entertain any type of partial refund for the gun being used. Also he stated "Why should I have to refund any money to you when we did nothing wrong?". This is fraudulent activity and they should be shut down.

Photos attached include obvious wear on the barrel and a huge scratch with rust on the magazine cap.

Buds Gun Shop
Buds Gun Shop
Buds Gun Shop
Buds Gun Shop

Sep 04, 2014
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      Sep 04, 2014

    Addition: I just tried to check my account and it has been permanently deactivated by them. Wow they are a terrible business. This can't be legal.

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