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Buckmasters / Buckmasters Scam

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Phone: 18002502825

Got a phone call one day from one of their sales reps and did not know exactly what they were talking about. They asked me if I would like to sign up for some membership and I told them that I didn't have time right now but maybe later. After that I received a magazine from them one day. I figure it was just something that they do to try to get customers or something so I ignored it. Then one day out of the blue I started receiving phone calls from a 1-800 number. I quickly hit the ignore button on my cell phone because everyone knows that a 1-800 number is someone wanting to sell you something. After repeated phone calls from the same number I finally answer it one day. It was Buckmasters and they were telling me that I signed up for some 5 year membership and that I owe them $130.90 and that I was past due on it. I told them that I never in my life ordered that subscription and for them to cancel it. They told me that they could not do that because it was past due. I told them that I did not order that and that they need to cancel. They once again told me that they could not do that. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the man on the phone told me that he was one and that his name was "Bill" and his extension was 241. He told me that if I wanted to speak with someone else then I would have to call back on Monday and speak to someone named Larry. I told him that I would do that and hung up. I called them back a short time later and asked them if they recorded their phone calls, they asked who I was and why I was asking. I told them who I was and that I wanted to know to see if they had any proof that I signed up for a membership. They said that they do not record their conversations on the phone and wanted to know why I was asking if they had proof.

Later that night when I got home I got on the internet and did some research on Buckmasters and to see if they had done this very same thing to others. It didn't take very long at all before I found numerous websites stating that there was a lot of people that had, had this very same problem the very same way that I had. I am contacting my local BBB probably on Monday when they return to their offices to file a complaint with them. Any questions E-mail me at

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  • Mi
      3rd of Jan, 2009
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    We too have fallen victim to the Buckmaster scam. My husband entered a drawing on line and nearly the exact same scenario has occurred. We are still fighting with them. They should not be able to operate like this. If you check the BBB in Alabama, they have had 244 complaints filed against them. I am exploring any legal actions that can be taken against them and any information would be helpful.

  • Fi
      2nd of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have the exact same thing happening to me. im glad to know im not the only one. If anyone has any information on how to resolve this problem i would greatly appreciate it. my eamil is any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Dr
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    I paid for a Buckmasters membership in 2007, after learning that they fight against groups like PETA and such. That was 2007. I lost my job in June of 2008 and was unemployed for 5 months. I was in Texas this past December, traveling for work, when I accessed my checking account and found $130 had been removed. I called them and asked why (as well as how) the money had been removed from my account. I was told that I had to have given verbal permission for someone to access my account as they do not keep account information on file. I was 800 miles away from home and living on a shoestring budget after being unemployed for 5 months, why would I pay for any membership. I explained in a very determined tone that I did not speak with anyone and did not, would not, give permission to have any money removed. As a side note, my wife gave me crap for giving my debit card information over the phone… lesson learned.

    They quickly reversed the charge and I was satisfied that all was well… wrong. I received several bills in the mail, but threw them away as I am not interested in any type of membership with a company with disreputable practices. Last week I received a collections notice concerning my past due bill. I went through the roof. I called and told them to contact the collector and have the account canceled. I was told I still owed my bill as I have not canceled my membership. WHAT MEMBERSHIP??? I was charged (illegally I might add) for a membership that I did not agree to or want and now I have been sent to collections.

    I did get rather agitated and was hung up on. I called back, even more agitated, and was told that if I did not calm down he was going to hang up. My response was that if he hung up, my next call was to my lawyer. He hung up and I called my lawyer. I am also contacting the Alabama State Attorney’s office, the BBB and anyone else that might give me an audience. This is exactly the kind of dishonesty that cheapens any telemarketing business (not that there is some inherently reputable standing there) and why most Americans will not answer their phones to an unknown number. I suggest that anyone out there should push the issue to fullest extent of the law or Buckmasters will continue to act totally irresponsible.

  • Io
      9th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I fell prey to buckmasters here in iowa. It sounds as if they use this harassing tactic on everyone. I too am getting called on a subscription I never ordered. I did file a claim with the bbb in alabama and hope that everyone with this same issue does the same. My only regrets are that none of will get so much as an opology from this very low down, no good, lying company. I am an avid deer hunter and this company gives deer hunting a bad name.

  • So
      14th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    A couple of monthes ago I entered a sweepstakes offered by buckmasters. I enter them as a hobbiy and thought nothing about this being any different. Soon afterwards I started to receive phone calls from buckmasters tring to get me to accept a travel package for deer hunting. I told them I was not interested. They continued to call me several times to take there travel package. I continued to tell them to removwe me from there list. Then a couplev of days ago I started to recieve two or three calls a day telling me I made a purchase ofc a five year subscription of buckmasters magazine. Each time they called I told them they made a mistake. They asked me if my son has a credit card. AFter telling them nothing I hung up and called my local police who agreed it sounded like a scam. Thirty minutes later a different man from buckmasters called again. this time I was ready for them. As soon as he announced he was calling from buckmasters I broke in and told him that I just talked to my local police and that I was calling the attorney generals office in the morning. He immediatly begain to scream at me so I hung up on him. tommorow I will make that call and probably also call BBB office. I think everyone affected by this should be compensated in a class action lawsuit. SO. IL Chuck

  • Su
      22nd of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Same scenario, entered contest, started receiving billing, tried to cancel by phone, received collection agency notice. It took complaints to BBB and AL attorney general office (didn't think of postalinspector) to end this. BBB contacted them and they cancelled account. I would really, really like to see them prosecuted. I think I'll take one of the mags they sent and email all of their sponsors about doing business with such obvious scam artists.

  • Mi
      11th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I received about 15 phone calls from buck masters 1 800 number over a couple months, so I answered one evening. The sales rep did his spill & I told the rep I was in woods and to send me some info in writing and I'd see. They sent me a bill for $130, then I received the first magazine. I called the 800 number and told them I had not subscribed & they said there was nothing I could do the bill was now due. They argued I had subscribed to the 5 yr plan and if I didn’t pay the $130 it would be sent to collections. I received another bill this week & again called back. I spoke with another rep who had a terrible attitude and again said there was nothing I could do. I asked again to speak with a manager and my request was refused as I had spoken with a manager before. I have been called and harassed by Buck Masters at least twice a day sometimes more. I was even called by a different department within Buck Masters trying to sell me some other product and I didn't give this rep an opportunity to give a sales speech and explained the situation that I am currently in with this company already. I am very upset and disgusted with Buck Masters and they give the entire hunting industry a bad reputation. My wife and I have ordered numerous magazines and have never had such a situation to arise. I will be speaking with my Georgia state representative, senator and potentially posting a you tube video concerning this situation. I feel that I have been wronged and have no recourse. I researched the internet and have discovered that I am not the only person to have been scammed by the Buck Master Co. on the exact same 5 year plan membership. As I read other blogs I have the same complaints they are going through what I am going through. I feel that I was wronged by this company, I was in the woods and was unable to sit and actually concentrate on what this rep was discussing and actually had interest and requested more info and instead I got a $130 bill and a whole lot of headache and harassment.

  • Pa
      11th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Just contacted Buckmasters after being sent to collections for $130 for a 5 year subscription that I never signed up for. After being hung up on several times and told there was nothing I could do except pay the bill I called them back yet again. I asked for Cole who is the manager and everytime I called they had an excuse why he couldn't come to the phone. I told them I was contacting the Alabama State Attorney Generals Office and Better Business Bureau. This seemed to speed up the process. I spoke with Sebastian who told me he would put an alert in my account to take it out of collections and he would place me on the Do Not Call list. I am awaiting my e-mail confirming this and I filed complaints with the BBB and ASAG office anyway. They are extremely rude and have quite a scam going. Do Not give them money!!!

  • Mi
      20th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am an ex-employee of Buckmasters and ill tell ya, it IS a scam. the managers and employees there dont care anbout anything but money. they saign people up without the person agreeing to it. the best thing you can do is dont answer the phone calls because once you answer they can put it in the computer as a "sale" whether they even spoke with you or not ! comment back if u have any questions !

  • Ma
      26th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My story is eerily similar to all the above.

    Send your stories to all the GunHunter advertising executives via email/phone.

    If that doesn't stop, begin contacting all the advertisers which support the organization and be sure to cc: AND (importantly) (Lewis H. Figh, III, president of Buckmasters).

    If there is enough "rebuttal" to their advertisers and on hunting forums, etc., they will hopefully re-think their strong-arm tactics.

    Get the word out on the dark side of this organization.

  • So
      30th of Jun, 2010
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    Buckmasters called me about a year and a half ago. I told the guy that there is no way in hell I would pay $130 for a magazine. He told me that it was much more than a magazine and I told him I don't care. He asked if he could send me a free trial magazine and I said no, I don't want anything from your company. He asked me why and I told him I already had too many magazines to read. He thanked me for my time, told me to have a good night and three days later I got a magazine in the mail.

    I called and asked why, they told me I had subscribed to the 5 year option. I calmly explained there was no way in hell did I subscribe to their magazine. The guy told me that they had my voice recorded telling them my address and saying yes to the salesperson. When I asked the guy to play it for me, he hung up. I called back and told a different person to cancel it. He told me they did not cancel subscriptions. The next week I got the bill. I sent it back with cancel written in big red letters. The next week I got a collections notice from an internal collections office. I called and talked to some guy who called me a bum and said that I was a loser and needed to pay my bill. I politely explained to the fella that he was very fortunate that he was in Alabama and I was in Wisconsin or the conversarion might be a little different. He told me to pay my bill and hung up on me. Thankfully my wife works in collections and knew how to fight these kinds of things because the next week I got a formal collections letter from an outside agency. It took the better part of 6 months to get this resolved and taken off of my credit rating.

    Buckmasters is the most corrupt organization next to the Federal Government. If anyone knows how to get these people out of business, pass it along! They need to be stopped. Think of how many people have been had by these guys and didn't know what to do or how to fix it.

  • Ri
      7th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I too fell to this attrocity. After I fell prey to them for 5 years they would harass me on my workphone trying to sell me their other subscriptions. This time they called me that my subscription was up and they way our economy is i did not want them. they persisted to sell it to me and I told them that I couldnt and they told me that lator I would get a subscription. That is where i fell to their trap. I wish I could speak to Jackie Bushman and give him a piece of my mind. It is a ripoff. They sent me a magazine and I thought that it was my last one. one month past and now I get a collection agency that I owe 130.00. I am glad I got this info and I will send it to Texas Attorney General to stop these scams. Reading the complaints I am not the only one. I just do not want them to affect my credit report.

  • Jl
      2nd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    These people have been doing the same thing to my husband. They keep telling me that we have a subscription and that we electd to renew another 5 years when apparently we have a current 5 year subscription and we are in our first year??? I have spoken with them multiple times over the past 6 months plus because they charge our account without noticed, etc. I spoke with someone who hung up on, reported them to whoever higher up and the promised we would not be called. Then they started calling again after 2 months, with the same BS. We changed our cards, and then collections started calling. I contacted "Mke" at ext 207 and he was rude, he would just hold the phone and not say anything. When i asked to speak to a supervisor, he said I am one. So then I asked to speak to someone over him and he hung up. They are very unprofessional! I called back and asked to speak to someone over him and talked to a guy named Mark Shoemaker. He said he was taking care of it, but we will see. I am hopig we will get a confirmation regarding this phone call. Otherwise, I am taking it a step further. At least they no longer have our information. UGH!

  • An
      4th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I'm a pretty nice guy with a long fuse. I can take annoying phone calls. I bought into the Buckmaster's magazine 4-5 year deal. I honestly enjoy the magazines. It's been about 4 years now and I probably get 1 or 2 phone calls a year asking if i wanted to extend my Subscription or buy into another new deal they have. I would politely say NO and hang up. But now that the subscription is near it's end I've been getting calls twice a week from the BM telemarketers. I received my new Magazine last week. As I was rifling through the mag one of the postcards fell out and it had a number on it, So i gave it call. About two transfers later I ended up with Buckmasters Magazine Customer service. I told them the deal and that I'm not happy with the calls I've been getting, and I would like to cancel my service early even though I've already paid for it. I told him that every time the telemarketer calls I tell they to add me to the do not call list. If they would like to contact me, do so only my snail mail. The BM Customer service manager stated that it was another company making the calls for them and those telemarketers do not have the authority to remove my name, only his department can do it. I told him to remove my name and to never call me again. We'll see if it works. Every time They call I log down the time and try to get a name from the Operator. Sometimes, they refuse to give a name and hang up. Then someone else calls back later. I then file another online report with the Fed do not call list. I am a Hunter and proud of it...and I am now anti Buckmasters.

  • Ja
      11th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hind sight is 2535. Jackie needs his ### kicked. He is a marketeer not a true Hunter. I will do what I can to shut him down and off the air.

  • Ce
      11th of Jul, 2012
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    I received a phone call from a rep with Buckmasters wanting me to subscribe to the magazine. I told him to send me information so I could review it and make a decision. I did not receive that information. Instead I received a copy of the magazine and a bill for a five year subscription which I did not agree upon verbally or otherwise. I called and talked to a rep and he said I would have to pay for the five year subscription. I reiterated that I did not make that agreement. He said there was nothing he could do. I have talked to another rep and he said he would remove my name off of the mailing list. I got his name and I am waiting to see if I receive and other correspondence from them. I will also have to check my credit reports for any collection notices. Buckmasters should be accountable for their shady and unprofessional practices..

  • Dl
      22nd of Nov, 2012
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    Buck-masters sent me a hunting sweepstakes so i entered it then same thing happened to me that happened to the fella above. When i received the first invoice i ignored it but then i was sent a second invoice i called them and he told me there was nothing he could do. He told me to send the invoice back with a note saying i didn't sign up for a membership. So i did. Now today i just got another paper titled Credit Research Department saying once again that i owed them 136.90. I just turned 18 and don't know wat to do so please someone give me some advise...thanks a lot in advance

  • Pj
      19th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    I got a Gift subscription many years ago to their magazine, but did not renew when it ran out. Several years later (this past summer) I started received calls hounding me to rejoin and support their Veterans organization. I replied that as a Canadian, I would prefer to support my own troops in my own way. Then the calls, which were sometimes twice a day and sometimes as late as 10pm started coming. The guy said I had agreed to a subscription, and that the money was going to support the Veterans, and I had to pay $130. I replied I had not agreed to anything, and cancel my subscription. He said he couldn't because the money was already given to the Veterans and I had to pay. (How does THAT work??) I said I would no longer answer calls from this phone number, and he said no problem, we will just get you a different way. A week later I got a magazine and a bill for $130. I did not pay. I then got another magazine and a bill which were returned (from Canada at my expense!) with a letter stating I never agreed to this, cancel my subscription, stop sending me stuff, and that legal action would be taken against their company if they did not stop. I have filed a complaint against them with the BBB of Alabama, but not sure what that will do. I started to file another complaint with the Do Not Call Registry here in Canada, which I have been on for many years, but one question asks if you have had dealings with this company in the past. Unfortunately, because I once got a subscription as a gift, I am legitimately on their records. This means there is nothing they can do - my complaint was terminated half-way through completion. I am worried this will affect my credit rating if their bills go to an outside collection agency.

  • Sp
      1st of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    Same thing happened to us. Buckmasters 800-240-3337 I called to have them remove our name. Gave him my name and he said ok we will take care of this. I said perfect. I said "What was the name I gave you?" He said hang on let me pull it up. Funny thing...he didn't know the name I just gave him. File a complaint with the FCC, tell them you are on the do not call list. Do the same for Chase Receivables 800-622-0484 their collection company.

  • Li
      6th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    Harassed by Buck masters nightly... 1st they claim my 13 yr old was delinquent in his membership dues and called every night at 9 pm, now harassing my 21 yr old. Billed him as delinquent and threatened to post on his credit report. After numerous phone conversations and poor professionalism on buck masters, I have threatened to contact my attorney. We NEVER agreed to the so called membership!!! People beware!!!

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