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I am a recently Diabled Veteran and needed a shoulder/neck massager so ordered from Brookstone, even after reading some online complaints but thought I'd give benefit of doubt. I also ordered the two year protection plan for $16.00, total of order $122.74. Not even one minute after I submitted order/paid wih debit card, printed recpt., the item showed-up ON SALE by more than $30., but i certainly did not get that price but was a week or so before Father's Day so again, gave benefit of doubt. First item comes and would not even power-up. Called and got RMA, and it was rather easy process and actually rec'vd. replacement probably about same time they got my RMA. Product was NOTHING what it advertised and actually HURT because it has hard plastic nubs for massager so called and again got an RMA, explaining. WEEKS went by, then I was not even able to log-on to their website, as if I had been scrubbed, then read their system was hacked, yet custumercare rep. just said they were getting new computer system. I was assured my refund would be placed back on my card. Another few weeks go by and called and was treated very rudely by two different custumercare people. Was then told they could not give me a refund, a gift card would be issued and only the $16. for protection plan would be placed back on card. I said, NO< NO< NO...informed that there's cunsumer protection laws that dictate you refund in same manner I paid. Week later, I get a refun of $16. on card, waited four days, called again and was told, "unfortunately, we cannot place your refund back on your card, a CHECK will be issued. I said that was totally unacceptable because what's to say i will even be able to cash said check? After a phone call FROM them, was ASSURED that my refund would be placed on a GIFT if they never listened to anything I requested as the customer!!! After yet ANOTHER call from them, they assured me that the gift card would be converted/placed back on my debit card. Today, after yet another week, I sent an email inquirey and they came back with "Your check will be sent out in mail!!!" NEVER did they ever acknowledge that I have a COPY of the recp't of what i paid and that I expect the price I paid (no shipping costs), MINUS the $16. protection plan. Another email from them stating if you have a complaint to call their customercare dept., totally ignoring my request of an ack. of what the refund amnt. will be!!! I am filing a BBB and FTC Fraud complaint against them and also letting the whole DV (Disabled Veteran's of America) Org. know to recommend that ALL Veteran's stay CLEAR of their business, since they seem to be in most larger airports, and also will let the VA Regional Offices know. I am so SO GLAD I did NOT purchase a certain foot massager from them at a considerable cost. This has been so stressful and cannot remember when I had such horrid customer svc ANYWHERE in USA!! Anyone have any other agencies I should relay my experience? Peace!

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      Jul 20, 2011

    To be completely fair and honest, today I must update my experience with Brookstone aforementioned by my orig. post above. Yesterday, I rec'vd. a call from Brookstone from a very pleasant person that appologized for my evidently horrid experience, informing me that although a refund check HAD been issued and is in mail to me, they would place a stop payment on check and place the remainder of $127. back onto the orig. card I used for purchase, with my authorization, then simply write on envelope 'Return To Sender' when the check arrives. Indeed, today the amount WAS posted onto my card! Now, it's certainly NOT RIGHT to treat your customers in the way in which I experienced, nor would I ever consider shopping with them again in future. It just goes to show if you speak eloquently with the facts without letting your anger and frustration bleed through, you CAN get results. I FULLY believe that last email sent to Brookstone, informing them there's INDEED consumer protection laws that dictate any refund must be made in the same form it was paid to said retailer, otherwise could be grounds for a fraud investigation. ALSO, although I did not go to these lengths until I gave them time to do whatever with my refund; I had promised to inform National DAV (Disabled Veteran's of America), and all Veteran's Advocacy Groups, to include the very VA Regional Offices all over USA, my experience and to advise ALL Veteran's to avoid ever shopping with Brookstone, since they seem to be in upscale malls and larger airports, where I'm sure returning Vets and their families may peruse their stores while awaiting flight. Also promised to file complaint with BBB, and the FTC about questionable practices bordering on fraud. Knowing the tools established that remain to protect we consumers can make a world of difference, as this call from Brookstone came from the CORPORATE office that's in New Hampshire. Hope this helps others quickly resolve issues, if any, in the future. Peace!

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