Breyers / creamsicle icecream

Marshall, Wisconsin, US

I love your Breyers creamsicle orange-flavored I had chemo for years ago and my taste buds are weird and your creamsicle is one of the few things that tastes right so I have eaten quite a bit of it over the last couple years as a rule I buy probably 3-4 a week. So when there is a bad batch I know right away and I've also spent some money on a bad batch to find out it's bad what is happening it seems like the orange whether it's coloring or actual orange ice cream or sherbert I don't know but the coloring of the creamsicle ice cream when it's bad is very light and a very small amount of the orange compared to what is usually in there. When I find a bad one then I have to go back to checking the dates on the bottom of them until there's a different date because it is the whole batch on one particular date this time it is Dec1519. It was nice to see the new packaging when it came out because we were at a bad batch and then when the new packaging came out we knew it was a different batch well now it is happened again and this is only a couple months from the last time the time prior to that it had been 6 or 8 months since it had happened. If someone were to try this ice cream for the first time during a bad batch they would probably not buy it again so you are losing customers every time there is a bad batch and it takes I want to say three to four weeks for the batch to be gone I'm not sure I didn't put it down but I'm not buying it during that time all the stores in my area have pretty much the same dates on the ice cream maybe not right away but within a week or so of the bad batch coming out. I did call the last two times when this happened and they sent me coupons out and I had to explain to them all of this that I just told you.

Somebody's dropping the ball whether it's your quality assurance people that check it before it goes out the door or somebody adjusting the machines or whatever. Somebody isn't doing their job and you're losing customers. And I have to go without my one staple for almost a month.

I hope you can resolve this issue you may call me at the number below if you have any questions it would be nice to help and have it not happen again. Thank you very much for your time, Sandra Ripp. [protected]

Aug 21, 2018

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