breyers butter pecan and breyers vanilla fudge twirl / &frozen dairy dessert& is awful!

Holden, ME, United States Review updated:

we have always eaten butter pecan and vanilla fudge twirl for at least 30 plus yrs..we just bought both flavors in march of 2012 and noticed a very different taste to both was awful.we just could not eat it after many yrs of eating the real ICE CREAM that breyers always bragged about being SO NATURAL!!i called the customer service line and gave her my complaint and said we would no longer be buying this product any more..she tried to convince me that they still had at least two flavors that were the real deal and not the FROZEN DAIRY DESSERT" THAT WE HAD BEEN EATING!! THIS FROZEN DESSERT HAS WHEY AND TARA GUM IN IT INSTEAD OF CREAM, MILK, SUGAR AND NUTS like the real ice cream used to have is just awful!!the texture is slimey and greasy feeling, and does not have the flavor of real ice cream..i feel that if we all don, t complain to breyers, then nothing will be done about it..i posted this also on my facbook page today..hope everyone will "share "my story..maybe breyers will "get the message" that we want our ice cream to be pure and natural like it used to be!!sandi rowe umble holden maine

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  • Bo
      24th of Apr, 2012

    I just bought Breyers Cherry Vanilla "frozen dairy desert" It is the same packaging as ICE CREAM but it does not use the words ICE CREAM anywhere. I didn't notice it until we started to eat it. The texture is very weird, almost rubbery, foamy and very light. There is no sense of dense ice cream and it is very easy to scoop out. When you look very closely at it you can see millions of tiny air bubbles and that is the reason it is so light and airy. This is not ice cream, it is some kind of new way for the company to make more money with a product of less quality. Its bad enough that they charge so much for ice cream already, but then they went from half gallons to 1.75 qt and now 1.5qt this new formula is the worst thing they have done so far. The fact they charge so much for what is a very cheap and inferior product is insulting to those of us who trusted Breyers for decades.

    I can see where this is going, at some point you will be getting nothing but flavored, textured edible foam that looks like ice cream but is just a lie. There really is nothing we can do because it is properly labeled so what my family is doing is we will never buy Breyers again and we will tell all of our friends about this and I am sure they will do the same.

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  • Ag
      28th of Oct, 2012

    I agree fully. The other day I bought some by accident, thinking it was actual Heavenly Hash ice cream. They use the same packaging and everything, but it's no longer the same product that we all knew. This was the first time I ever threw out 'ice cream' that wasn't freezer burned. Never again Breyer's, never again. I'd take that Chapman's garbage over them any day of the week, at least that's still ICE CREAM.

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