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My name is Beth Pullen and I live in Minot, North Dakota. Recently my mother from Redwood Falls, Minnesota sent me two handwritten checks. I recently lost my identification and have not been able to locate the proper paperwork and my driver's license has expired. I went to the Bremer Bank in Minot to see if they could help me get these checks cashed. I understand there are rules and regulations, but my mother has banked at Bremer all her life and my dad was president of the Bremer Bank in Redwood Falls, Minnesota for over 25 years. I was appalled to say the least at the rudeness that I was shown by everyone I encountered at this Bank. This woman who first off made me wait while never even acknowledging my existence until I walked over to her and she seemed utterly disgusted to have to help me. I barely got my sentence out when she cut me off and told me there was nothing they could do. My father devoted to his life to Bremer Bank would roll over in his grave at the customer service I received this branch. I'm going to talk to my mom and after banking there for 40 years I'm going to try to get her to pull out. If this is what you're Corporation has become then I want no part of it and neither would my father. Side note: my dad's name was L.K. "Pete" Iverson.

Feb 04, 2017

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