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Bray and Scarff should be Brey and Scarf as in they brey about how good their service is while they schmooze you into a purchase, then they scarf up your money and give you absolutely no service without a fight and major agita. Any smart consumer researches the actual purchase, but I do believe it's just as important to research the company from which you intend to purchase. The specifics are to long, but suffice it to say that the term service after the sale means nothing to this company. Once your out the door with your purchase, your also out of their minds service wise. Do your research anytime you want to make a major purchase.In my case I did get a measure of revenge for shoddy customer service. I took the rest of the money for my major kitchen renovation-about 30, 000 dollars, and left it with another company with a sterling reputation.Then I wrote B&S (such fitting initials)and told them how they lost 30 k. In this economy, that's one of the best statements you can make!


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