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Bray and Scarff / Frustrated with the refrigerator

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Bray and Scarf

I have been having refrigerator issues we have been experiencing over the last year. When we first purchase our refrigerator I was ecstatic. We were very impressed with the service that was given when we purchased over several thousand dollars of appliances. We purchased the service plan because we felt we would receive adequate service if there was a need. Well, we have had problems with the ice maker within a week after receiving the refrigerator and made several calls to have it remedied. We have had the ice maker motor replaced two times and now we are working up on the third time. We also had problems with the freezer door adequately closing. Most recently we had to deal with an odor that was coming from the refrigerator which later turned out to be some type of bacteria which however, we had to wait over a week to get service and we had to deal with the stench. The later part of last week and part of this week we dealt with the closing and opening of the ice maker door every 15 seconds which would wake us up in the middle of the night and irritate us during the day.

The technician did come out yesterday and stop the noise but our refrigerator has not been cooling the food for over four days so all the food is spoiled and we again have to be out of a refrigerator until the part can be replaced. I feel like we have the refrigerator from hell. In the meanwhile, there is not a discussion of at least giving us a replacement refrigerator until installation of the part or total replacement of the refrigerator. What are we suppose to do until then??? Mother’s day is on Sunday. My daughters High School Graduation is next week and we have guest expected in town and we are having a party. How are we supposed to maintain food in our household. Are we expected to eat out every night and where do I send the bill.

I want satisfaction, now. I really do not want to pursue this legally but I am very frustrated at this point and I will.

Pamela Gaines

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  • Rd
      7th of May, 2007
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    Bray and Scarf - Kitchen upgrade with Bray and Scarf has been a disaster!
    United States

    1. Refrigerator delivered with a fork lift fork hole in the door, rescheduled for delivery of another refrigerator another day.

    2. Cabinet top installers improperly lifted the range and sprang the top, rescheduled for new stove delivery on another day.

    3. Dishwasher had to be reinstalled not seated fully into cabinets when originally installed, another day.

    4. Counter tops not cut for sink as contracted for.

    5. Sink originally installed with no trap for one side of the sink, rescheduled for another installer to correct on another day. Larry Switts has the pictures.

    6. Faucet reinstallation scheduled for another day. Unfortunately the person doing the work did not tighten the dishwasher drain hose to the disposal, he had taken the hose off to gain access to the faucet, so when we did dishes that evening we poured a water into the cabinets and out onto the floor. Have pictures if you want them.

    Between the wife and I we have now used 5 vacation days beyond the days required for the original installs.

    The kitchen upgrade with Bray and Scarf has been a disaster. I think reimbursement of the installation charges are in order or at least reimbursement for vacation days used for correction of problems.

    Bray and Scarf, Frederick Maryland.

  • Sh
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    This is NOT a service oriented store. They tell you want you want to hear when purchasing from them and then is is "run around city." Nearly three months into this, they can't get anything straight. Measurements were off after two visits, ever changing story about what is in stock and not, assurances on delivery/install not met. If you have lots of time and money to waste, go for it. Can it really be so difficult to order a couple of new kitchen appliances????? The outdoor fire pit is looking like a really good option for our meals from her on out.

  • Na
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    I am totally frustrated and disgusted with the poor service provided by Bray and Scarf. My kitchen aid dishwasher, bought less than two years ago and still under warranty, has been looked at four times by a technician, each time with a different remedy. While attempting to repair the dishwasher, the technician dropped the front panel onto my new cork floor , causing damage to the floor which the technician advised me would be taken care of by Bray and Scarf. The dishwasher still does not work, and I get a run around by the service department who will not even connect me with "John", the service managed. At this point I am extremely frustrated with the poor service and advise anyone needing new appliances not to go near Bray and Scarf. I feel badly about this since I have been dealing with the company for roughly 40 years, but I fear I will have to contact my lawyer to take legal action before I get any resolution to my problems.

  • Gr
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    We have purchased multiple high end appliance from Bray & Scarf. The customer service and repair department for the company needs to be reported to consumer affairs. The dishwasher broke the next day after Thanksgiving. A service man came out to assess the problem. He said it needed a motor. The appliance is less than two year old. The part came in and every time they are to come out to fix the appliance they cancel the appointment therefore we have had no dishwasher since November 2007 - January 200 8. And were still not sure when they are going to come and fix the dishwasher. Having no dishwasher during the holidays was extremely frustrating especially when your the hosting guest and you think your dishwasher is going to be fixed in time. The manager John should be fired. His adminstrative person put me on hold for John after I asked her for a corporate personnel, and John never answered the phone. When I called back the admin came up with excuses. The manager john still has not responded to why the dishwasher is taking so long to be serviced if the part is in the store. I am locked into the warranty for 5 years. But with service like this, I recommend no to purchase a service contract with Bray & Scarf. If you don't want headache. This is not the first problem we've had with them regarding appliances. Keep in mind these are high end appliances less than two years old. The service sucks.

  • Ro
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    I am truly frustrated with poor customer service provided by Bray and Scarf. We purchased a refrigerator and it was delivered on December 15th , and installed on December 20th. It worked for 5 days. It stopped working on December 25th and hasn't worked since. The refigerator will not cool and the freezer will not freeze. It is now January 14th. We have had the service technican come out 5 times. Each time they determine it was something else, parts had to be order and delivered. We have had to throw away all of our food and eat out everynight for the last four weeks. We talked to John, at Bray and Scarf for assistance and he is surely lacking customer service skills. The service department needs to be reported to consumer affairs. We also had problems with our dishwasher which did not work for the first 3 weeks. Several service technician visits had to be made. It now works, but we have nothing to wash since we have no food to store in the refrigerator.

  • Me
      9th of May, 2008
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      21st of May, 2008
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  • Di
      11th of Jun, 2008
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    I bought a wall oven (an expensive one) from Bray and Scarff. After a few months of (infrequent) use the electronics went haywire. 3 visits from a service rep failed to solve the problem. I was forced to keep calling B&S Customer Svc to tell them the problem was unsolved. They kept requesting to send the same rep back even after he claims he swapped out everything relevant. I was told 4xs I would get a call from the Mgr. Never happened. The sign in the store says "if we can't fix it, we'll replace it". I'm holding them to that till hell freezes over. Bray & Scarff has very poor customer service. Think twice before trusting them with your business.

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