I have spoken to 10 different people from this company I am currently typing this message in tears. My first mistake was booking me and my family flights through this company. On Monday I went on the bravofly flights website to book tickets to France Charles De Gaulle leaving tomorrow 19 February 2015 leaving Luton International airport UK and returning February 23 2015 as this is just a short break for me and my2 small children to Disneyland Paris. The tickets were £175.50 and I th this was a good deal I bought these tickets and subsequently proceeded to book our accommodation.First I received a email to say that Bravofly was completing my booking. About 30mins later I received a call from someone outside the UK who informed me that I need to pay £33.50 extra because the cost had increase due to return date and that I was only going for 4 days and Easyjet was the one asking for more money, I could not understand as I had already paid, this person was very rude and had a very bad tone he preceded to tell me if I d pay this money my flights would be cancelled. I told him I wanted to speak to a manager he refused and hung up.

I then contacted Bravofly and spoke to someone Called Lewis who told me that yes I needed to pay more as the price I saw for the 4 days has gone and he was very sorry has at the time I booked my tickets Bravofly had not refreshed their system hence why I needed to pay extra he confirmed my traveling date as February [protected]. I was extremely annoyed and I said this was not fair as this was not my fault. He went on about sometimes these happened Again I ask to speak to a Manager who he advised me was someone called Anna, however she wouldn't be coming to the phone as they don't speak to passengers. This was really strange as in the UK if there is a problem you ca speak to a manager or someone in authority. I agreed to pay the extra as I didn't have any choice. I later spoke to Maria who I spoke 3 times regarding this situation who also said the same thing its Easyjet and as I am only going away for 4 days and Monday was a expensive day to return I needed to pay a extra £33.50 I did she informed me that as I have now paid the extra I would receive an email with my booking. About 3 hours later I saw the email so while checking I saw that not only did they change the time they also changed the date so me and my family won't be returning on February 23 but March 23 2015, I called immediately and spoke to someone called Silva I told her what the problem was, she had advise that they had some technical problems earlier and that someone would fix it and another email would be sent, that was Monday night.

I called again Tuesday morning February 17 and spoke to Martin I again explained the issues I was having he said he was sorry and if he could do something he would but it's the managers who have the power, he said he had passed on my complaint on to the same lady Anna. I told him that they say they record the calls so I ask for the conversations to be listened and I gave him time I spoke to someone. Now I am so angry with myself because if I had Googled or Researched this company I would have seen how many complaints it have against it. Now it's only a couple of hours before my family and I fly and we risk being left on the streets of Paris as the hotel is only booked for 4 days and my children goes to school February 24 2015 and until now no one has contacted me about this situation all I have received is an email which Bravofly is asking me to pay £375.00 which I have not got and why must I pay for Bravofly mistake. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

Feb 18, 2015

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