Bravofly / Bravonext SA / I have booked flights on bravofly but same are cancelled but bravofly is not refunding booking money paid by me.

Delhi, India

Booking ID [protected]

On 18th April 2017, I have booked Las Palmas-Zurich-Dubai-Delhi flights for 11.06.17 for 3 passengers on and paid full booking amount. On 2nd May 2017, Bravofly sent me an email informing that airline has cancelled the flights booked by me and offered me alternative flights and asked me to respond within 72 hours as to whether I want to accept the alternative flights offered to me or want to cancel the flight booking (which were cancelled by the airline}. Since the alternative flights offered to me are not suitable to me, I requested bravofly to refund the money paid by me for the bookings made by me. However in spite of sending repeated reminder mails, They simply replied that they have requested their specialized team to take up with airline for refund. However even after passing more than a week Bravofly is not refunding my money.

Shiv Shankar Garg

May 10, 2017

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