Bravoflyautomatically charged my credit card

Avoid bravofly scam
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I was checking prices for flights when I was on scyscanner page and I was forwarded to bravofly. Bravofly processed immediately and promptly charged my visa credit card even when I clicked on visa electron. I wasn’t intended to use my credit card, I preferred to check if I can pay with my visa electron debit card but the bravofly payment system promptly charged my credit card even if I hadn’t chosen the the credit card botton. I got confirmation email but the phone number on the email was a number which cost 6€ for 10 minutes and which only could be called if paying by credit card. That would be also a scam to credit card.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Amsterdam, MT However it was a saturday and I couldn’t contact my bank and bravofly so I lost 564€ from my credit card. I couldn’t pay the amount back to my bank and I got blacklisted. Be aware of bravofly fraud. They use dirty tricks to charge people credit cards, probably they have their offices and call centers abroad where they can charge credit cards faster.
I contacted their head office in italian swiss and i’ll sue on court. Further i’ll report this case to the authorities. Please contact me with your name, address and email if you are also a victim of bravofly fraud. I see there are many complaints on www.The www.Telegraph.Co. Uk and more
If bravofly doesn’t charge back my credit card i’ll spread this post everyday on internet

Jan 01, 2015

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