Bravoflyair ticket

I booked a air ticket on Bravofly website on Wednesday night. I have not received any confirmation email from them, however my credit card has been charged for the ticket that I booked. As I have not received any email I called them on Thursday morning and I have been told by a Customer service Agent (Named: Eva) that, I will receive my eticket as soon as the payment is cleared. She also send me an email confirming that they have my booking just waiting for the payment to be cleared. I then called my credit card company and I have been informed that payment has been made to bravofly and they have provided an Approval code as well as a fax number in case Bravely has any issue with the payment.
I forwarded the Approval code and Fax number to Bravofly, again I have been told they are still waiting for the payment to be confirmed. I called them again on Friday, still I have been told the same thing that they are still waiting for the payment to be cleared. The I called again today (Monday), and customer service agent advised me she will check with finance and will call me back. One hour later I received an email saying that they have received the payment, however I have to additional £37.50 and ticket price has increased and I need to pay todays price not the price I booked on Wednesday night.
I am very disappointed with the service I have received from them.

Feb 16, 2015

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