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Ordered a keychain for a girlfriend for becoming a Physical Therapist. I wanted to get her something as a graduation gift, and ordered it 6 whole weeks before she graduated. The website says 2-4 weeks until your item ships. I thought, okay... 4 weeks, 1 week transit. 5 weeks total.

Nope! Going on 8 weeks now with no product. I've emailed multiple times, asked for a customer service number. They responded that they have no customer service number. PEOPLE - CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE TO YOUR BUSINESS. It is 100% necessary to have a phone number for your customers to call in. Their marketing appears as if the company is well-known, but they are a terrible "company".

I will absolutely, positively NEVER order from these people again. In fact, I wish someone would go and shut them down. They don't deserve any profit from a sole person.

I feel terrible if anyone orders after seeing all of these complaints about their service.

Jun 20, 2017

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