Brave New Lookjrt leggings

Ordered JRT leggings 11/9/16. A month later, I contacted BNL to find out where they were. Got a blow off about behind on production...yada yada. Asked to cancel order, then was told they were already in production. Right.Ten weeks after ordering I got a piece of crap with some 60's design on crap material. I called the number on the package and it was not even BNL, but the sewing company, who is none to happy about all the calls they are getting. I have all evidence to produce to BBB and whoever else can shut down this scam operation. Shame on you. The company I called gave me number to contact 'owner'. Called that POS and conveyed my thoughts. See leggings below. NOT Jack Russell Terriers. NOT leggins material. NOT happy.

Brave New Look

May 05, 2017

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