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BrandsMart USA / don't be awed about the price

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Having worked for this dismal company I should let you know the following. Most of the items sold are rejects from the factory. Check the serial number, if it has an r in it, it is rebuilt. I have seen people reject a TV because it had scratches on it and its just boxed back up and put in the back, especially if Jackson, the manager of the dock is working, at Deerfield Beach store. Then they wait for someone that is in hurry and can't wait for the box to be opened and the poor guy ends up with it. If you are buying a TV and it's got fingerprints all over the edges then its rebuilt or someone rejected it. Be aware, the price might be good, but the company sells what others won't.

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  • Ms
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Brandsmartusa - ?
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    United States

    why it is too hard to pay a bill? there is nothing that says
    "pay mi bill"or something like that, or a link to somewhere around the website, can someone help me in this?

  • Ec
      4th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I have been in the retail electronics business for over 30 years.This person Who ever he or she is dos not have a clue about what they are talking about.I have walked all over this store and see the inventory.All the merchandise they sell is new.They have no reason to sell refurbished as new the penalty is too great and the risk to high.If they do sell a refurbished product there is no need to conceal it.The manufacturer stands behind it the same way as new.If you has a big thriving business what would you gain by misleading your customers especially in today's economy when competition is so fierce.What i will agree may happen and it happens all the time is a customer buys a product and takes it home and gets buyers remorse especially if it is a big ticket item.The item is new the customer just changed his mind.What they should do is sell at a discount as open box return and then you will know what you are buying.there is your explanation for the finger prints sherlock!

  • Ro
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    I totally agree with the former Brandsmart employee. I purchased a Samsung Plasma TV and the person next to me noticed it was scratched. I rejected it and they brought another one. The second one also had scratches as well. I accepted the second one. I later wanted to return it and they would not allow me to do so. The stated it had a 5 day return policy. The sales person never mentioned that. Watch out for the receipted you sign on the digital signature scanner. You're signing a purchase contract that states the terms on a document that is printed after you sign it.

  • An
      17th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree with the former Brandsmart employee too! I bought a Samsung 58' Plasma TV for $3000.00 in May, 2009. In ONE MONTH the TV stopped working. I called the costumer service number for Brandsmart and asked them about the return policy and they said we had one month to get are money back. We boxed up the TV and took it back to the Deerfield store and they told use we had 5 days to return the TV to get a full return. And the options they gave us were store credit or they will exchange it for the same TV. We want up to the register to do the exchange and I like they hire people that no other store would. Because they guy was tiring to get us to pay $300.00 more for the TV. It was an even exchange!! What didn't he get from it. So, after all they we want to the loading dock and 3 of the TV's they opened for us to looked at all there screens we cracked. They last one they had was fine so we took it. Well, 2 months after that the TV stopped working again. We were for tired of Brandsmart we want through Samsung to get the TV fixed. Well 2 months after the second problem the TV once again stopped!! I never had a problem with TV's. The believe that there is something going on with Brandsmart that they aren't disclosing and they handle they products poorly. I will never buy from a store that only has a 5 day exchange period.

  • An
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    I totally agree with this post:

    On December 19th, 2009 my boyfriend and I purchased a 32” LG HD LCD TV. I was asked to pick up the television from the warehouse. At the warehouse I was shown the front of the television and then the TV was placed inside the box by the warehouse employee. At no time did I feel it necessary to inspect the television completely or to confirm that the serial number on the box matched the serial number on the television. Since this television was purchased as a gift it was left in the box. The box was not opened again and the television was not inspected until January 2nd because I was on vacation. On January 2nd I realized that the television inside the box was a floor model and was scratched on the sides. The box is also missing the remote control for the television. I went to the store where the television was purchased and requested an exchange. I was told by the store employee that the serial number of the television inside the box did not match the serial number on the box and an exchange was not possible. I requested to speak to a manager who informed me of the same thing. I then requested to speak to a store manager. I waited for over an hour for the store manager to speak to me. At no time during the wait was I approached by anyone to let me know what the delay was. When the store manager appeared after an hour I was told that the television inside the box was not the television I had purchased. I found this statement very insulting and requested proof of what he was saying. He told me the video from the warehouse proved this was in fact what had happened. Since he was accusing me of either stealing or scamming the store I asked if I could see the video with a store security. He then informed me that if he called security it was to escort me out of the store. I called Metro-Dade Police to try to clear up the matter. The officers asked to see the video and according to them they can see the warehouse employee’s back. They see him taking a television out of the box and me nodding yes and then loading the television in the car. I purchased a brand new item from a big department store and never expected to be involved in this ordeal. STAY AWAY FROM BRANDSMART!!!

  • Ro
      25th of Dec, 2010
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    Purchased several items there in past years and it reminded me of a cheap hustling car lot. The material even though inside a new looking box/package was I believe were definitely used or sold and returned. On one piece and equipment I found a piece of gum that had dried to it. This was used stuff that had been returned and sold again.

    This Best Buy is similar. I was looking at computers and they told me that to get rid of the "advertisements and pop-ups" that are on the screen it would cost $ 50.00. This is a new computer and that should be taken care of by the store. A friend took her computer in for service and after $ 500.00 it still was no good. A private technician later solved the problem for half that. She spent over $ 750.00 to solve the compuer problem.

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