Bradlow's Paarlmanhattan 3 piece leather suite

Good day,
Bought a leather suite cash for r19000.00 end of 2016 bradlow's paarl
1. The phone number on the invoice is not that of the shop.
2. 2 rubbers were missing on the 3 seater and made marks on my laminated floor. Informed the manager and said he will be get the rubbers from the factory.Rubbers came manager called me and said they will be at my home the next day at 08:30 the morning i waited till 16:00 and phoned, then the salesman explained why he could not come, (Is the customer not first?) . I had to make that call, no-one from the shop called to inform me that they won't come still that day. Next day salesman person came to fix the problem, the rubbers anyone could see its not new, not in any packaging. I showed him the problem of the 3 seater, left hand side much lower than the right hand side, if recline then the seat pulls further away from the middle seat. Salesman could not de assemble the seat, called the manager to get the assemble person but he bluntly refused. Until today the manager of bradlow paarl have not contacted me again, the single seat start to give problems as well- very loose. Could you please send an artisan to fix my suite, please do not send the people from paarl or ask that manager to contact me again. He made a deal and the customer he does not care about, even with the 2 year guarantee.

Feb 06, 2017

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