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Bounty Paper Towels / Stink

CA, United States Review updated:
Proctor and Gamble's Bounty Paper Towels give off this horrendous smell once they are wet. I always purchase the 8-pack at Costco, but the last time I did, I started noticing a horrible chemical smell emitting from the wet paper towel. The smell is so bad, that I refuse to use them to wrap veggies in, or even to pat fruit dry. The paper towels ruined a whole stalk of celery to the point where it was inedible. What is going on? I've written the company, only to receive a coupon with no explanation. Has anyone else had this problem???


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  23rd of Apr, 2012
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  13th of Jun, 2012
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Yes, I recently had this unfortunate experience for the first time ever, after using Bounty paper towels for years and years. When you get them near your face it smells like a strong chemical smell, like paint or caulk. I threw them out, afraid to get near food. I thought that maybe it was because I purchased them in a hardware store, and maybe the sort of smell that one notices inside the hardware store had permeated through the plastic wrap and aborbed itself into the paper. However, I see many people across the net also posting about this problem. I will switch to Brawny or Viva after I check the label and see who manufactures it. Bounty is manufactured by Procter and Gamble.
  30th of Sep, 2012
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Mine reek like a moldy wet rag. They arE vile!
  5th of Oct, 2012
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The ones purchased from Costsco smell like they were soaked in kerosene! Hmmm... another snaeky petroleum product makes its way into the food chain and our sacred bodies are violated yet again by Big Oil.
  20th of Oct, 2012
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same problem. just sent in a complaint on label code 3700081760, i hope i dont get a coupon. the smell has ruined the inside of all my pantries. i didnt know where the smell was coming from. and had lined every cupboard with them. now it's transferring to my dishes. smells like old wet ashtrays.
  5th of Nov, 2012
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Yes, what the heck, same thing. Been buying Bounty for years! Are these being made in China with toxic ink???? Bounty better come clean about this - no pun intended ;-)
  5th of Nov, 2012
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I use them to wipe my bum and come too think of it they do smell really bad after.
  25th of Jan, 2013
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wow! I quickly use one if I need to blow my nose, and it smells like smoke! I feel like the chemicals are hurting my lungs!
  26th of Nov, 2013
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I did not ever think I would post a comment on paper towels. But they have a horrible smell. Almost like Cheetos or like an electrical fire smell. I have a fish tank and would use the bounty towels to wash my hands after cleaning the tank. It took this chat room to realize I did not have an issue in my saltwater tank. Now I know. Funny that I had guests just commenting on the stinky smell of my pairs towels. Caused a lot of trouble for no reason. Shame on bounty.
  14th of Dec, 2013
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I just returned a 8 pack bounty paper towels from Target and purchased a new pack thinking that one had the problem. But just opened the new one and it's also smells bad when wet or when I bring it to my nose. Glad I saw your posts and not thought that I was going crazy. I hope something can be done about it soon cause I had been using bounty paper towels for a long time and really liked them. It's a shame.
  18th of May, 2014
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I just experience it now and found out that people had complaint years before. What is going on and why it couldn't be fixed? I bought them from Costco too. When I used bounty to wipe the table, I noticed a horrible smell like urine. I tried to smell every where and finally found out it was from the paper towers.
  8th of Aug, 2014
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They stink so bad I'll never by this brand again.
  10th of Aug, 2014
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I have just noticed this problem within the past year or two, but it is not unique to a particular brand. I have not been able to find a brand that does not have the awful smell. It is bad enough that I have almost stopped using them, but that is impractical. If anyone knows of a brand without the stink, please share! I don't remember this being a problem in the past - wonder if something has changed in this industry?
  17th of Sep, 2014
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The Bounty towels smell OK until they are moistened. Then they have a disagreeable moldy smell. We're returning them and getting another brand until the problem is corrected
  8th of Oct, 2014
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i am pregnant and kept smelling faint urine... its coming from my brand new roll of paper towels, !!! I want to have them tested
  14th of Jul, 2017
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  5th of Jan, 2015
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I've also noticed a mildew odor when these towels are wet. I've had some rolls that were fine, but the last two both smelled terrible. I'm reluctant to keep using them, in case they're now being processed with some sort of harmful chemical.
  11th of Mar, 2015
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Same problem and I am switching brands as well, once I googled this and realized I wasn't crazy, others were having the same issues
  24th of Apr, 2015
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Bounty paper towels have smelled for years now. Before that, I had been using them for a decade or more with no smell problems. I reported the problem to them many times, but they refuse or don't know how to fix it. I eventually switched to Costco's Kirkland brand of paper towels, which have no smell.
  30th of Sep, 2015
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I have used Bounty paper towels for many 20--30 years. Now, I buy them at Sam's Club and for the last year they smell like smoke. As if they were made in a place that had been on fire. I thought I was nuts until I read all of these comments. I will be changing brands.
  4th of Jan, 2016
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I just discovered the oily/metallic smell of wet Bounty paper towels. We've used this brand for years, and they haven't always been like this.. I thought maybe it was a problem with the water heater or the kitchen faucet. Fortunately, I had an older partial roll of Bounty paper towels in a cupboard upstairs so I tested it with hot water from the kitchen. No bad smell. It had a bit of a scent, but it was more like flowers. There are complaints online about lots of different brands that have this problem. Maybe the only solution is to make the change to using washable cloths to do the cleanup. (My daughter doesn't use paper towels, probably because they're too expensive for her budget.)

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